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Monday, October 22

French Teddy Awards

Do you want to see some gorgeous bears and maybe find an artist you had not known before?  Well, have I got a deal for you.

Between now and Nov 16th you can visit the site of the French Teddy Awards and see many lovely bears and friends.  And you can VOTE on your favorites too.

Since the contest is run from France, and in the French  language, here is a simple breakdown of the instructions.
Go to the site:

Across the top in the brown border are the 7 categories.

When you click on the category, you will see the bears entered there.  You will need to mark on a piece of paper which one in each category is your favorite as the actual voting in done on another webpage. 

Some categories have more than others, but I have the 
pages to load fairly quickly on my computer.  
(Undressed 45, Dressed 63, Panda 29, Mini 31, Duos 32, Realistic 11, Other 44)

I have noticed that the tiny house icon next to the bear photo will take you to that artist's website where you can see even more of their work.

 Once you have looked at all the categories, click on Vote.

On the vote page each category has a dropdown box where you select your favorite in each category.

 Fill in the information at the bottom and click on Submit.

It looks like you must select a favorite in each category for your vote to count, and please honor the organizers' wishes by voting only once.

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