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Monday, February 11


Funny thing, blizzards.  
As in real estate, it's location, location, location.  

While we on the midcoast of Maine all experienced the 
howling winds and horizontal snowfall, depending on where 
you were, you got either dumped on or blown clean.  

Mr. Cobblestone and I had about 2 ft of snow 
blocking our doorways, but for the most part did not 
have a lot of clean up to do, thanks to our neighbor 
who was kind enough to come over with his plow 
and clean out out driveway.  Thanks, Joe!!

Here was the scene in downtown Camden, 
just 2 miles from our home:

I think it all has to do with how protected you are 
(ie: our forest) and the direction of the winds. 

 It's hard to capture depth in a photo, but believe me, 
the forest is absolutely lovely, and so 
deeply covered that I will not be 
venturing out there today.

Here's one of the snow piles generated by the plowing 
of our driveway ~ nearly a story deep!  

 Can you spy Mr. Cobblestone's car?  
Yep, it took us a while to dig that out.

Other neighbors just down the street were busy 
pulling about 3 feet of snow off their roofs, 
while  our roof was blown almost clear.  
Here is  the deepest spot we had.

The wind created some interesting art for us. 

Sunday was a bright sunny day for shoveling,

and we are now cleared and 
ready for the next snowfall. 


  1. Laura, these photos are beautiful! They would make wonderful Christmas cards wouldn't they? I'm relieved to hear that this storm brought you no harm and left you with some great photos to share. Enjoy your week. HUgs

    1. Yes, we are enjoying the beauty. Just hoping now that the warmer temps and rain they are predicting stay away long enough for us to get some skiing in. Fingers crossed!

  2. Sure is beautiful, but I am getting cold just looking at it. I am happy for you though. I know you wanted the whole New England experience, and this is certainly part of it. Now you need to buy a sleigh, and a team of horses, and you will be all set.

    1. LOL Good thing you're in Arizona! I think I'll draw the line at horses. They have a different outlook on sleds around here.


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