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Monday, February 4

Where are they now?

I have a few more pics from a collector to share with you today.  

I just love seeing where my little friends wind up living 
and I'm sure you will agree these are just darling settings.

You may recall the Faye ad Arthur Iversham had spent 
the holiday season in a beautiful wreath, 
but now they have their very own shadow box 
in which to carol their hearts away.  

I love this so much and it really fits in well with how 
I see the village of of Cobblestone Circle. 
The black rod iron fence is a perfect touch!

This collector has also created a charming front porch 
for some of the trick-or-treating mice.

Now of course I'm dreaming of having similar 
settings for some of the mice that are with me.  
Yes, there are one or two I could not 
bring myself to part with.  
I shall have to speak with 
Mr. Cobblestone about more 
construction projects for his list.


It seems I have more mice and bears than 
I intended for the upcoming online show at 
BearHugs4u on March 8-10 so there may be 
someone new available on my website later this week.
Leprechauns have overrun my work table!

By  the way ~ the preview pics from many of the 
artists participating in the show are starting to 
pop up on the site so when you have a
moment, please go over there and take a peek.  
There are some really cute items.
I'll be taking photos today ~ stay tuned!


  1. What great displays for your sweet little creations!

    1. I do love seeing and sharing what people do with my mice and bears once they leave me. I've heard from others that they are inspired to do similar displays. :)


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