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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Monday, July 14

I cannot imagine a more perfect day!

I celebrated a birthday recently.  The custom 
Mr. Cobblestone and I have is that the 
birthday gal/guy decides how we spend the day.

Mine started with a lazy morning of coffee and emails, 
which, truth be told, was not 
that different from my usual routine.  

We grabbed some picnic food and lunched 
at the top of Mt. Battie.  
It is one of my favorite places, just a few miles
 from our home in Maine.  From there you look
 out over the tiny town of Camden, 
and the islands in Penobscot Bay.

Such a view!

After lunch we poked around some of 
my favorite shops in Camden.  

Sadly I found nothing I wanted to 
bring home at the antique shop. . . . this time. 

A quick stop to wet our whistles with  a
delicious Cole Porter and we were off to Owl's Head 
to see Captain Rod to get the makin's for our dinner 
that Mr. Cobblestone was going to prepare.

I just love that we get our lobsters right from the fishermen
and in such a gorgeous spot. 

The lobsters are molting early this year, and I learned 
that they are referred to as shedders.  Well, our shedders 
were so soft shelled that we didn't even have to 
use any tools to eat them.  They were literally more 
like eggshells ~ and super sweet.  

Our last excursion took us to Lincolnville for a 
craft beer at the newly opened Andy's Brewpub.

  We chose that spot because we knew it 
would be the perfect place to watch 
the super moon!

I suppose I'm a simple gal with simple needs, 
because I really cannot imagine 
a more perfect day.

Thank-you, Mr. Cobblestone!


Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments so I know you've been by for a visit.

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