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Thursday, July 10

Picnic on the breakwater

One of our favorite things to do in the 
summers here in Maine is to take a picnic 
dinner out on the breakwater.  

It extends almost a mile out into the harbor 
with a lighthouse at the end.  
Neither Mr. Cobblestone or I are fond the 
heat and humidity that sometimes descends on us, 
and we can always count on 
nice cool ocean breezes out here.

That's me!
On our last visit, we were treated 
to a show from from seals.  
I had heard they were around, 
but this was the first time we saw them for ourselves.

Ah well, we'll try for better pics the next time we see them.

I have just learned that today is 
National Teddy Bear Picnic Day, 
so we'll be dining out there again tonight.

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