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Saturday, July 12

Please vote in the URSA Teddy Bear awards!!!

70 Artists from 18 Countries with 143 entries in 
16 categories are competing for the prestigious 
URSA Major - Best Overall Award.  

I hope you can take a moment to 
treat yourself to a peek at all the 
gorgeous bears and critters competing.

Everyone is allowed to vote for one bear in each category.  
The top 3 winners will then go on to the Finals 
and again you can vote for one of those for the top winner.

I have two entries this year, and would 
very much appreciate your vote.

Mrs Bunny is in Category 4
Medium Outfitted Bear-Bud - 6-12"

Babette is in Category 6
Large Outfitted Bear-Bud - 12 to 28"

The first round of voting ends July 31st.

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