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Thursday, August 2

Special Offer

Click on picture to sign up for discount offer.

I am currently running a special offer for 
first time buyers at Cobblestone Creations.
Why not take a peek? 
You may just find your happy place!

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Sunday, December 17

Holiday Thank-you Sale

Through 12/31/2017, all items are 1/2 off the prices shown on my website.

Email me for your discounted Paypal invoice.

Wednesday, July 26

On my work bench

Sooooo instead of spending this past weekend finishing up my preview bear for the August 18th online BearHugs4U show, thanks to the recent unpleasant changes at Photobucket, I was busy revamping my website. After being free for the past decade, they are now charging $399/year to host pics that you want to show on your own site. (Yeah, I don't think so!)

I've got most of the pages fixed, but still need to address photos on the 140+ pages that detail the citizens and their stories. On the bright side, it will give me a chance to see all the citizens again. Wonder if I can remember where they all live now.

 Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.

Here the bear I mentioned above.  The show's theme is Fun in the Sun and this little gal will be dressed for her bike ride.  

Thursday, July 6

Awww how lovely!

Look who is on her way to her new home from the 1st day of the Special Event at Cobblestone Creations! There's still time to be part of the fun.

Join here.

Wednesday, July 5

Time to Celebrate

It seems we have once again made another journey around the sun and it is time to mark another birthday for me this month. And what better way to celebrate than to have an exclusive offer for my followers?

This sale will run for one week only, ending at 8pm eastern on July 12th.

I hope you can all pop on over and take a peek.


Thursday, July 7

Online show TODAY!

You are kindly invited to the
Online Show at http://bearhugs4u.com/ starting
TODAY, JULY 7th at 12 noon eastern.
Maren is one of the new items I will have available then.

You will find me right in the middle of top row of the show page.

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