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Tuesday, March 31


About a month ago, one of my lovely collectors asked if I would try my hand at making a white Maltese type dog and a gray kitten for her Little Darling Dolls. It has taken many trips back to the drawing board, a few moments of despair, but overall many more giggles than tears during the process. Ok, I have to admit there were actually a few belly laughs at some of my first attempts.
Here is the result. (I decided to first work with this brown fur to master the puppy shape before moving onto a long-haired Maltese.)
This little puppy is made of faux fur, measures 3 inches from nose to tail and has string jointed legs. She's got two red bows in her ears and an ultrasuede collar with a non-working buckle and a tiny bell. Hope you like her!
This one has already found a home (thanks, Anne!) but there will be others coming. I am open to requests for specific colors. $99 + shipping.
Now to figure out kittens . . .
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