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Friday, April 26

Check out the groovy threads on this far out dude.

Well, I gotta say this new bear is a bit of a 
change from my usual style.  

Norman Meadowlark is my entry into a 
bear competition being held next month in England 
for the category of 1960s Hippie.  
I had a blast making him.

The fabric for his pants and headband was 
something  I pulled out of a remnant bin years ago, 
not really sure what I would use it for ~ I 
guess you could say it spoke to me. 

Adding a fringed suede vest, embroidered gauze 
shirt, leather sandals, a peace sign necklace and a 
few flower power buttons and I was 
giggling like crazy in my studio.

His sitar had started life as a Christmas ornament.  
I added the leather strap so he could sling it over 
his shoulder when he wasn't playing original 
compositions to impress the ladies.  

The last thing I added was his goatee.  
Come on ~ you know it suits him.

Wednesday, April 17

I think I'm ready . . .

Believe it or not I have finally succumbed to Spring Fever.
So I am ready to say
Good-bye old friend . . .

 . . . and hello new.

Tuesday, April 16

Tea time, anyone?

Today I have three new mice available on my website.

The first two are a darling tea party set, 
Felicity and Crumpet, 
which are sold separately.

The third is the newest citizen of Cobblestone Circle, 
Martha Jenkins.

 Martha is the housekeeper at the Madison Estate 
and I hope you will find her story amusing.

Sunday, April 14

More updates from collectors

You all know by now that I love to see where my little friends go when they leave my home.   Today I have more pics to share with you from my collectors.   I think you'll agree these creations appear to be quite happy in their new surroundings.

When last we saw this tiny gal she was holding 
her daffodil looking for a dry place to live.  

She has found a lovely glass house full of flowers.
What lovely setting!

And each of these bunnies have found loads of 
new friends to keep them company.

Have a pic of your Cobblestone Creation you'd like to share?  
Email it to me and I'll be happy to post them here.

Monday, April 8

I've come a long way . . .

Today I want to share with you a couple of pictures
 of dolls I have made and/or costumed. 

This first set was made circa 1991, I think.   
At that time our daughter would watch the TV series 
David the Gnome every day while eating her lunch 
before going off to kindergarten.  
David and Lisa were a big part of her world 
so I made these dolls for her.
I am happy to report these 2 rustic clothespin 
creations are still on display in her home. 

Last week I shipped off two 1:12 scale dolls that 
I re-costumed on commission.
The gentleman was to be based on 
Nels Oleson from the Little House series.  
I think they turned out very well, and most importantly, 
the collector was pleased.  

It was a fun change from the mice and bears 
and all I kept thinking was how very 
these dolls were at just about 
twice the size of my mice.  

My worktable is quite full of more 
commissions this week, but I hope to have 
two new mice to show you in a few days.  
They will be a tea party set: 
a Lady Mouse with her teapot 
and matching potbelly baby mouse 
in the tiny matching teacup.
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