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so I know you've been by for a visit.

Monday, April 28

Need a bit of help around the house?

Here is George Finnegan, 
the handyman from Cobblestone Circle, 
who comes with his tool box and tools of course. 

I hope you have a moment to take a peek at him 
on my website and read his story.

Remember I am more than happy to 
work out personalized layaway plans.

Thursday, April 24

It's all about size . . .

I just couldn't resist snapping a photo of my new bear, 
Babette Richelieu, holding 
one of my small pebble sized bears.  

Aren't they sweet together?  
Babette stands 18" tall (really) and 
the little pebble is only 2 inches. 

Babette will be available during the next 
online show, May 9-12 at Bright Stars

You can pop on over now to see all the 
preview bears on the show page now.

Monday, April 21

Cobblestone Circle Fireman

As I continue to work from the suggestions made 
for new citizens, today I have the 
Fireman Klaus Chickering 
and his amusing story ready for you.  

I hope you have a chance to visit him on my website.

Monday, April 14

Look who is in Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine!

It is so exciting when I see my little creations in print.  

And there were TWO in the June 2014 
issue of Teddy Bear & Friends.

Saturday, April 12

Staying in touch . . . not as easy as you'd think. . .

A recurring problem for artists is finding ways to 
keep in touch with collectors.  Being able to share 
exciting news and keeping them informed 
when new pieces become available is a 
lot trickier than one would imagine.

I use many venues but none of them are 
without their own quirky drawbacks.
The most obvious means of communicating 
should be an email newsletter.  
Due to the necessity of using a double opt-in 
process to sign up for my newsletter, I'm sure 
there are subscribers who have been lost.  
But I'm sure you will agree it is an essential 
nuisance that prevents email addresses from 
being added to the list 
without the owner's permission.  

And then once an email is sent to the subscribers, 
how many of them actually receive the email?  
Providers like AOL consistently mark newsletters 
to genuine subscribers as spam.  
If users employ a local email client like Outlook 
or Thunderbird to get their mail, in many 
of those instances they never see messages that 
are filtered by Gmail, etc unless they log into 
their online email access and 
check the spam folder there.

Facebook fan pages are becoming more 
hit and miss everyday.  Although I have close to 
700 fans there (yes, 700!) most of my posts are 
seen by only a fraction of that number.  
Unless a fan comments or shares or hits the 
Get Notification button, 
Cobblestone Creations may never show 
in their news feeds.  I do participate in 
many groups on facebook and 
try to post in them as well.

And then there is blogging, which unfortunately 
is not the avenue it once was.  I do provide an 
option for you to receive my blog 
posts by email as well.

So, I will be exploring new ways of 
communication as I become aware of them.  
If there is a better way for me to keep in touch 
with you, please let me know.

I have added to both my blog and website 
home page the date of the last newsletter mailing.  
If you are a subscriber and didn't get the email, 
please check your junk/spam folders. 

Thursday, April 10

On the cover of New Zealand Teds Magazine!

Yes, it is true.  
Cobblestone Creations has been 
featured in another magazine.  

You may read a copy of the article 
here on my website.  

They've included photos of many, many mice.  
Is one of yours there?

Saturday, April 5

Wanna visit Cobblestone Circle?

I am so excited to share these photos with you 
that were sent to me by one of my 
most enthusiastic collectors.  

She has had a Winter Park created 
by artist Gerald Lusk for all of her 
Cobblestone Circle mice.  

I must say I could not have 
envisioned anything more perfect.  

The artist at work
 Thanks for sharing, Ann!!!

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