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Thursday, August 30

Turkeys on Parade and Good-bye Gray!

Catchy blog post title, huh?  ;)

I was watching the TV news the other morning and heard a sound outside that took me back to my desk at DuPont.  I could see clearly in my mind a fellow in my office explaining how hunters make turkey calls.  Now, why he thought this was of interest to me, I'll never know.  But I knew instantly that what I was hearing outside my window that morning was a turkey.  

And it was not just one turkey ~ that morning 
I counted 11 of them in our front yard.  
A few days later, I counted 19 parading 
through the woods right past our deck.  

Can you spot them?

I've since heard from neighbors that 
they counted up to 60 at a time.  

Here are some clearer photos of them walking down the road.

These are really big birds!

~ * ~

Mr. Cobblestone and I have completed the painting of the family room.  It went from gray walls and stark white trim 

to a deep aqua with creamy light yellow trim.

Next projects for this room: cover that red brick with some nice ceramic tiles, finish painting the shelves, decide what to do with the draperies, replace the carpeting . . . 

Oh ~ maybe I'll just go sew more mice instead. 

Thursday, August 23

The Lobstermen

I am happy to share with you two new mice ~ both inspired by the sights around my new hometown in Maine.  

Each of them has already found a new home, but I invite you to enjoy more photos of the Lobstermen Mice on my website.

Autumn is in the air ~ so happy to be entering 
the snuggly half of the year once again.  
Watch for some lovely Fall items coming soon!

Thursday, August 16

New mice next week!

I am finally back to creating my mice!  

A few days ago I was busy making fabric for the yellow slickers for new 'Lobstamen' mice.  And today I made the tiny lobsters, floats and a lobster trap for them.  Hopefully I will have them ready and available next week. 

But today I have another photo from one of my buyers to share with you.  It is the newest shadow box for the display I shared with you here.

This scene of the docks, created by artist Gerald Lusk, 
features Ye Olde Strumpet, 
Little Urchin and his dog ~ and even some teeny tiny rats.  

Soon they will be joined by a sailor from the era as well.  
What fun!!!
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