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Tuesday, June 29

So far so good . . . .

Three baby birds have hatched in the
nest on the window sill. 

Because of the location I cannot get a good picture
of all three ~ but I have seen them. 

Mama robin is not pleased when I open the
window for a peek.  I have also spotted
Dad helping out with the feeding.

They are indeed peculiar looking creatures to have
come out of those lovely blue eggs.

Friday, June 25

The view from my window . . . literally!

Mama robin has decided to build her nest on the sill outside my kitchen window.  I have a bad feeling about this as we have seen squirrels on that very sill.

Will keep you posted. . . .

Thursday, June 24

Fairy Day!

I have just learned that today is Fairy Day!  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear . . . . we will have to wait until we travel around the sun one more time, but methinks there will have to be an annual fairy mouse!

But for today ~ please enjoy visiting the Fairy Day website ~ lots of inspiration there to help you plan your own celebration!  

As for myself ~ I plan to have a very special evening among the fireflies . . . .

Sunday, June 20

~ Meet Phoebe Gallagher of Cobblestone Circle ~

  "Have you been in these wet socks all day?" Beatrice Gallagher was helping her little Phoebe get ready for bed, which was not the easiest thing to do since her daughter was dancing and twirling around her bedroom with excitement.

"Oh Momma, it was just lovely! Everyone wanted to smell them." Phoebe was referring not to her damp socks, but to the bouquet of lilacs she and her mother had gathered in the dewy back yard that morning. Phoebe had decided at the last minute that she needed to take some of the flowers to her teacher, Miss Kittiebittle.

It had been a harried morning in the Gallagher household and Walter had left earlier than normal in order to receive a shipment at the grocery store. So Beatrice had quickly wrapped the bouquet in a makeshift nosegay of wet paper towels and aluminum foil before she and Phoebe headed out the door. It was a brisk walk since they were running late and Beatrice could see the rivulets of water running down Phoebe’s sleeve as she jostled along, grasping the bouquet tighter and tighter in her little hands. It did not help matters when Mimsy Shrewsbury delayed them by thrusting her nose into the center of the blooms, showering florets onto the sidewalk. Luckily, it was a generous bouquet that looked no worse for wear as Phoebe was delivered to the playground.

"And, Momma, the best part was when I got to walk down to the janitor’s closet to fill the bucket with water!"   "Why did you need a bucket of water?" asked Mrs. Gallagher.   "That’s what Miss Kittiebittle put the flowers in. She said she was sorry she didn’t have a vase. Beatrice sighed and closed her eyes but smiled as she remembered that many parents would be coming into her gift shop looking for end of the school year teacher gifts.  She made a mental note to suggest flower vases to each and every one of them. "



Lobster Jeans for Riley and friends

Lobster Jean Set for Riley!

~sold ~

Thursday, June 17

A sneak peek!

Miss Phoebe Gallagher
of Cobblestone Circle

will be starting on eBay Sunday June 20th
@ 9:30pm eastern  6:30pm pacific

Look for her story here in a day or two.

Monday, June 14

And the winner is . . . .

We have a winner!

 I want to thank everyone who participated
in my Red, White and Blue Riley Jeans Set giveaway.  
With close to 200 entries I am sure to have another soon.

The winner is Doris!

Sunday, June 13

Jeans and slippers, slippers, slippers for Riley!

This week's jeans for Riley~

And ooooodles of fluffy slippers!
All with a Buy-It-Now option

Friday, June 11

And the color gods smiled . . . .

I had the rare opportunity to compose a flower bed from scratch last year ~ some overgrown arborvitae needed to go, which left me with a seven by twenty foot canvas.  

And this week the color gods smiled upon this composition:

They will be even happier once the white spiderwort opens just to the right of the yellow iris.

I should be embarrassed to say I was able to populate this bed without buying even a single plant save the paperbark maple that serves as the anchor on the east side.  Yes, I do have a lot of plants!!!!

Now, inspired by this success and being a more mature and wizened gardener, I am tempted to revamp all of my beds this Fall.  It will mean digging everything out and replanting, but if I get it right, the rewards should be just as breathtaking. 

Sunday, June 6

If there is a heaven, I bet they have cotton candy . . .

Sometimes when you're working on something it just tells you what it wants to be!  And so it was this week when my little pink angel bear needed some cotton candy ~ hey, we've all been there.

And then of course she wanted a friend ~

~ sold ~

SALE on Cobblestone Couture

This week's jeans for Riley~

~ sold ~

Now for the SALE~ three outfits ~ some for Ellowyne Wilde, some for Tyler Wentworth~

Tuesday, June 1

Kitty Cat Jeans Set for Riley

Kitty Cats for Riley!

Since the Cupcake set sold with 4 hours last Sunday night, I am offering a second set this week! 

This auction will begin the evening of Tuesday June 1st at 9:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific.

eBay through June 6th
~ sold ~
in just over an hour!

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