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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Sunday, June 23

I love getting mail

Couldn't we all use a pick-me-up 
like this every once in a while?

Wednesday, June 19

It's Time to VOTE!

This coming  
Saturday, June 22nd 
the first of my three online shows will begin at 
11am eastern.  

at Who is Who in Bear Making, 
runs for a mere 24 hours, so be sure to mark the date.

But right now you can visit the website and see the preview bears from all the artists and VOTE for your favorite.  The admin of the show has got very large photos of the preview bears, so it will take a bit of scrolling to find me half way down the page ~ but I think you'll agree it is nice to see so many lovely creations from all the participating artists.

If you care to see a few more photos of my preview bear, 
Heidi Vandekamp seated on her garden bench, 
they are still on my website

  I will also be in these shows:
 BearHugs4U.com Christmas Show  July 12th-14th

Saturday, June 8

An award for me!

As I shared earlier, I had entered the British National Teddy Bear Artists' Awards (NTBAA) this year.  My Norman Meadowlark was in the Category Hippie Bear Representing 1960s Flower Power.  

Well, dear ol' Norman won third place!  
And this week I received my lovely award in the mail.
 I am even more pleased to let you know that 
Brewin's Bruins have purchased Norman for their shop,
located in Swanage, Dorset in the UK.  

There he will be displayed for sale 
along with a duplicate award plaque.   

So if you're in the neighborhood, 
stop on by and say Hi to Norman. 

Tuesday, June 4

Beary June Show Begins June 22nd

Meet Heidi Vandekamp, 
my preview bear for the upcoming 
Beary June Show on June 22nd. 

She is made of tissavel faux fur, is 13 inches (seated) and comes with her garden bench and another surprise. 

You can see many more pics of her on my website:
 Hope you can take a peek! 

The show starts at 11am eastern and runs for a mere 24 hours, so be sure to mark your calendars now.
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