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so I know you've been by for a visit.

Sunday, December 30

Am I too late . . .

 . . . to share Christmas photos?

I hope you're not too tired of Christmas yet because I 
want to show you how I decorated our home this year.  

It took a while to discover where everything went ~ and I have to admit that my collection of Christmas decorations is much like a museum collection in that I do not put it all out at once. 
*head hung low*

The family room fireplace.  
Oh yes, that red brick has got to go!

Family Room Tree

 Dining Room
(new drapery fabric has been in my studio since September *cringe*)


 Living Room Windows
Since I'm down to 2 trees this year, these felted ornaments 
I  made years ago had to go on the window sills 
along with my 1908s vintage candles.

More Living Room

These bells were purchased during my first Christmas in my own apartment.  
They have seen better days, but will always find a place in my home at Christmas.

The Kitchen
I love my tiny bisque Santas on the sill!

And yes, even the (screaming for renovation) bathroom get decorated.

Friday, December 14

Letters to Santa from Maine

I found another lobster trap tree!  
Actually I found it a few weeks ago, but today I remembered to take my camera. 

This one is across from the Rockport post office and 
even has a nice mailbox for letters to Santa.  
The sign reads 
Santa Mail Drop Box!  
How cute is that!

And I must also tell you that while I was standing 
across the (relatively busy for Rockport) street 
taking this photo, the cars stopped in both directions for me.  
Gotta love these Maine manners.

Thursday, December 13

More Cobblestone Creations collectors photos

Another of the wonderful people who give 
my little friends loving homes has shared some photos with me.  

Look who landed in a fabulous curio 
full of darling furry friends!

That's my little Micy's Shopper in pink 
looking oh so happy in her new surroundings.

Thanks for sharing, Marie.
You have a lovely display!

I enjoy seeing photos such as these.  
Have you some of your Cobblestone 
Creations to share with us? 
Please email if you do.

Look what I found!

On one of our recent adventures of exploring the 
downtown area in our new home town, 
I stumbled across this vintage wooden car 
in one of the shops.

I've trained my eye pretty well to see things 
on 'mouse scale' and wouldn't 
you know it ~   I was right!

Yes, that's a little bear in there, but the size is the same.   
Hmmmm . . . I'm thinking there is going to be a 
mouse family taking a picnic this Spring.

Wednesday, December 12

What can you do with some mice?

I just had to share these photos I got from one of the kind people who have given some of my mice a loving home.  This gal has used her creativity to feature two of my Carolers in a Christmas wreath!

Have you got some photos of your Cobblestone Creations
 you'd like to share?  
Just send them along to me.
We'd all like to see!

Friday, December 7

The show starts tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow, 
Saturday Dec 8th is the 
at Who is Who in Bear Making.

Hope you can join us.

Saturday, December 1

Beary Christmas Fair ~ Vote now for Show Favorite

The preview of the 
is now open and you can take a peek at
all the preview bears from each artist. 

You can also vote for your favorite!

Here is my preview item that I've been 
teasing you with for the past few days.

Two adorable 3 inch tall pink bears  
busy filling Santa's boot with gifts.  

Don't forget ~ the show lasts a mere 
24 hours so mark you calendars now!

Friday, November 30

Last peek before the big reveal

Today I'm showing you everything 
in the scene except for the critters.

Online Show runs 
Dec 8th-9th 
but the VOTING for Show Favorite 
will begin tomorrow, Dec 1st.

Thursday, November 29

Second peek

Here's today's photo of the grouping that will be available in the 
Online Show
on Dec 8th-9th.
A ladder and a boot.  
Any guesses?

Wednesday, November 28

Let the teasing begin

As I've mentioned, I will be one of the many 
artists from all over the globe 
who will be participating in the 
Online Show 
Dec 8th-9th. 

Here's your first peek at one of my new items.
This boot is actually a purchased item that I am using 
as part of the grouping I am going to show you.

Check back tomorrow for your next peek.

Voting for 
Show Favorite 
will begin on 
Dec 1st 
when this entire ensemble will be revealed.

Tuesday, November 27

They do Christmas a little differently in Maine

We are full swing into one of my favorite times of the year.  
I just love Christmas!  
And Mr. Cobblestone and I are seeing a few 
things that are a wee bit different for us.  

From the local paper we learned that Santa 
arrived at different spots by tugboat, 
fire engines and even the Coast Guard. 

(Photo Bane Okholm)
And here's something we've never seen 
in a Christmas parade before!

(Photo Bane Okholm)

But the most unusual sight for us 
has to be the lobster trap trees.

There are many of these springing up at private homes 
as well and I'll do my best to try and 
share them with you here.

Tomorrow I will start my progressive sneak peek 
at one of the items I will be offering in the 
Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 25

Did you know . . .

I hope this posts finds all of you deeply and happily into your holiday preparations.  I love this time of year with all the scurrying about decorating, baking, shopping, etc.  And this year I've got so much more to explore in my new hometown.  Shortly I will have pics of lobster trap trees and other Christmassy sights from Maine to share with you. But I wanted to take a moment to remind you about a few holidays details now.

First of all, the 
will begin 
Dec 8th at 10am eastern.  
The shows runs for a mere 24 hours, so be sure to mark your calendars.  

I will begin posting sneak peeks of my preview bears 
each day from Wednesday, Nov 28th to Saturday Dec 1st.  
And I must say, this pair is among my favorites yet.  

The VOTING for Best in Show starts Saturday Dec 1st.  
I hope you  will all take a moment or two to check 
out all the lovely bears that are sure to be available.

Also, I want to remind you that I do offer 
on my website, starting at $5 ~ and 
that any of my items can be added to your Amazon Wish List!
Email me if you'd like instructions on how to do this.

So if you've got someone wondering what it is your really want for Christmas, send them on over to Cobblestone Creations.

Monday, November 12

12.12.12 GIVEAWAY!

'Tis the Season for Giving, 
so I am having a giveaway on the 

The rules are very simple, to participate, from your facebook account, find this photo on the Cobblestone Creations facebook page, click on LIKE for the photo and also SHARE!

One month from today, on Dec 12, 2012 at 12:12pm (of course) a winner will be chosen by random number generator.

What can you win?  Well, all I will say for now is that is will be one of the bears or mice from the photo.

Even better than that ~ I will choose TWO winners if the Cobblestone Creations Facebook Page reaches 500 Likes, so be sure to Spread the Word.

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, November 6

For your Thanksgiving Table

Please meet a very special set of bears to add to the warmth of your home during this holiday ~ a Pilgrim Boy and Indian Princess.  

They are now available on my website.

And don't forget to vote in the French Teddy Awards!!!

Monday, November 5

Help for the Holiday Season

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween celebration!  

Now that we are in the thick of the Holiday Season, 
perhaps you could use some help with your baking?  
I have a new little potbelly mouse, Sprinkles, 
who is ready to lend a hand.  
 You can see more photos of her on my website.

I also want to let you know I will be participating in 

another online show December 8-9.  
It is the Who-is-Who in Bearmaking special 
Christmas Show called A Beary Christmas Fair.  
Mark your calendars ~ I will have new 
bears and mice available there.

If you are unfamiliar with the Who-is-Who site, it is a place 

to purchase bears from artists from all over the globe.  
The artists' galleries are open 24/7 all year long.  

Thursday, October 25

Anniversary Celebration

It's been almost one year to the day that Mr. Cobblestone and I first fell in love with the Camden/Rockport area of Maine from atop Mt. Battie.   
To mark the occasion, we had a picnic there last weekend.  It was the absolute peak day for Autumn color and I have a few photos to share with you.

Looking down on Camden Harbor.
 On the other side of the bay is Acadia Park.
 Don't you love that one bright red tree among the golds and greens?

The red arrow shows the approximate location of our home.  
I still cannot believe we are so close to the shoreline.

Tuesday, October 23

A makeover for Bess

I liked the face I was able to create for Candie Corne so much that I've taken my felting needle to one of the bears I've shared with you before.  Miss Bess Littleton is the recipient of this makeover.    



I think you'll agree the needle felting, and new set of eyes, have softened her look quite a bit, giving her a much more gentle little girl appearance.  You can see more photos on her sale page.

Unfortunately, Bess is made of mohair.  Even though I was wearing latex gloves while working on her, I have proof in my hands once again that I am indeed allergic to mohair.  There are some parts of this process that you just can't do with gloves on.  I will give my hands some time to recover before I redo another.
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