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Monday, March 31

Days of the week mice

Today I have a special series from the 
Citizens of Cobblestone Circle. 

It is actually SEVEN mice that 
represent a week in the 
life of Tallulah Lemondrop.

My inspiration was the nursery rhyme of the days of the week:
Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Shopping Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

Do you follow that, or remember 
your mother doing it that way?  
I sure do!

I hope you enjoy seeing Tallulah doing her chores:

   Please note, I am offering special prices if you buy more than one.

Monday, March 10


I am currently having a giveaway on 
Facebook ~ BUT even if you do not use Facebook, 
I want to make this available to you, my blog readers, as well.  

So if you would like your name thrown in the hat 
to win this little devil bear, just email me, 
or leave a comment on this post
with a way to contact you if you should win.

The drawing is on Wednesday, March 19th.

You can enter wherever you are in the world 
and I will pay shipping costs.
Thanks for entering! 
Good Luck!!!

Friday, March 7

It's SHOW DAY! Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!!!

The Online show at 
starts at noon eastern today 
and runs through Sunday, March 9th at 8pm.  

I hope you all have a chance to hop on by to see all 
the new lovelies available for adoption.   
Keep in mind that although all the bears on the 
main show page are bare, each artist's page 
will be much like you are used to seeing.  
Even some of the ones that appear bare on the 
front page will be dressed/accessorized.

I have new bears, mice and lots of BUNNIES 
looking for new homes today.

You can find my page in the show by clicking 
on my bare bear, chubby little Russel, 
right there smack dab in the middle of the top row.  

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