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Friday, July 29

I want to remind you to remember to not forget . . .

Hello friends!

There are so many things to talk about today.  First, I need to remind you that this oppressive Summer heat and humidity will not last forever.  On our bike ride the other night, Mr. Cobblestone and I saw them!  We saw leaves that are starting to change color!  I watch for these as most people watch for the first signs of Spring ~ and I can tell you now ~ Fall is a comin'! 
As soon as I get my fresh corn from the farmer down the way, Jack Frost has my permission to get to work.

Secondly, the sale at Cobblestone Creations is ending Sunday night, July 31st. 
All the remaining items are now on eBay.
The Buy-It-Now prices are the same as are on the Shop page of my website, but the starting bids are much lower ~ up to 55% off the original prices ~ and there's no reserve on any of them.

The voting for the URSA awards also ends Sunday July 31st so hop on over there to cast your votes!  I know you will enjoy seeing some very enchanting pieces in that competition.
My Virgina Hamilton is in category 6.

Click Pic to go to voting pages

A friend of mine, very talented artist, Patrick Gill, has started a new Halloween Site called EVERY WITCH WAY LANE.  It is in its early stages, but is a fantastic place to find all sorts of Halloween Art from well known artists.  There is a link in my sidebar and when I have some little witch mice and trick-or-treaters, they will be available there.
Oh yes ~ Fall is a comin'!

Click Pic to Visit the site

Lastly, I have some pics of the new scene from my buyer's mice display. 
This one is Fergus Peabody, the train engineer from Cobblestone Circle ~ and now he's got a steam engine! 
Gerald Lusk, the artist, is really blowing my mind with these creations.
I'm looking forward to seeing who's next!

Tuesday, July 26

~ Ann Willcox of Cobblestone Circle ~

Ann is the 77th mouse in this series ~ and
we finally learn what is being built at the beach!

Her story and sale page are now on my website.

~ sold ~

Friday, July 22

I am gobsmacked! But don't worry ~ that's a good thing.

Gobsmacked? Yeah, it was a new word for me too ~ guess the good Sisters at Mon Valley Catholic didn't do such a good job on my vocabulary after all.  But thanks to the international flair that enters our lives via online friends, I can say in true British slang that I am completely astounded and amazed by what I found in my inbox yesterday afternoon.

Those of you who follow the activates in Cobblestone Circle will no doubt remember Rolf Silke, the bartender at The Burgundy Turtle Pub.
Rolf Silke

He quickly found a new home and prompted a commission
for a bar customer, namely one Alastair Smythe.
Alastair Smythe

One of the requirements was for Alastair to be able to place his foot on a bar rail . . . because . . . there is now an actual bar!

The detail is amazing! Look at those tiny beer taps!!!

The gal who has Rolf and Alastair (and quite a few other citizens) has commissioned artist Gerald Lusk to create a shadow box of sorts that will feature changeable setting for various mice from Cobblestone Circle!

I cannot tell you how much this touches my heart to see my little friends in 'homes' of their own.  I hope I continue to get updates of this project and will share them here as I do.

Well done, Gee!!!!

Friday, July 15

Delia Lounsberry of Cobblestone Circle

Delia Lounsberry is now available on my website.

You can read Delia's story here.

Delia has been sold!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13

Bed of roses?

As those of you who read here regularly may remember, last year we had a front row seat when a family of robins hatched on our kitchen window sill.   Despite my fears about the squirrels being a problem for them, all turned out well and the three little birds departed safely.

Earlier this year, Mr. Cobblestone deftly dissuaded another pair of birds from nesting atop of one of our patio light fixtures.  He's a very handy sort of fellow and twisted some wires on top of the light.  Not the kind of decorating Martha would approve of, but it did the trick.  And it saved the entire neighborhood from the predictable shrieking I would have inflicted upon them every time I would go out onto said patio.  I am very easily startled ~ especially when birds fly at my head to protect their babies.

Last night we discovered yet another oddly placed nest in our yard.  Here's my gardening shed, built by Mr. Cobblestone ~ isn't he handy! 

Even screened in the porch for me as I am one of those folks that mosquitoes find irresistible.  And yes those are lace curtains in on the windows of the shed.  The Martha influence still pops up from time to time.

Anyway ~ inside the hanging basket of impatiens, we found another nest!  Our first clue was when Mama bird had flown away as we entered the porch to watch the fireflies.  As long as she was away, I took the opportunity to snap a pic. 

Not sure about that speckled egg. 
But I guess it may be a good spot for them ~ at least there will be more room in the planter when the young ones get a bit too large for the actual nest. 
Will keep you posted . . .

Monday, July 11

SALE and Awards

I have two exciting things to share with you today.

I started working on two new bears that I am planning to use for my ad in the December issue of Teddy Bear Review.  These darling Bear Carolers have really put me in the mood for Winter.  Thoughts of lovely cold weather with snowflakes dancing merrily in the air have helped get me through this latest round of oppressive summer weather, and so I thought I'd pass along this refreshment with you by having a SALE on the wintry items on my website.  But as I was revamping that page, I decided to include ALL the items in the sale.  Prices are in effect until July 31st ~ and include Free Shipping!!


Secondly, I want to let you know that I have entered the URSA awards this year.  Voting is taking place now through July 31st ~ and anyone can vote!

There are so many lovely creations to see ~ I do hope you will visit the site and vote for your favorites in the 13 categories ~ you will find my entry in Category 6.  But please vote only once ~ here's an excerpt from what they sent to the entrants:

We monitor the voting daily and any entry with multiple votes from the same computer will be given a warning and if it continues, will be disqualified. The voting software has certain safeguards built in to allow only one vote in each category, but there are some bright people who have figured out how to by-pass the software and vote multiple times for the same entry. We track the voting and can follow a computer's signature, we then can tell when a discrepancy happens. Some 'friends' or collectors reallllllly want you to win by voting multiple times but they are really putting you in jeopardy of being disqualified.


Once again I find my work table is very crowded ~ aside from the caroling bears, I've got a potbelly mouse, the newest Cobblestone Circle citizen and two commissions all waiting to be completed ~ oh, and that poor dear with the baby carriage too ~ must not forget her!

Time for me to get back to work!!!

Saturday, July 9

Lucky me!

Yesterday the mailman left a wonderful package for me.  I had been chosen the winner in the Halloween Fanatic's recent giveaway and am now the proud owner of this darling little owl by Robert Brawley, aka The Halloween Fanatic.

I have had the peasure of knowing Robert for a few years now through the Because We Believe Art (BWBA) group on eBay.  I have admired his work for quite some time ~ and I have to say he is just one of those artist's who you can tell REALLY enjoys his work.  His energy and playfulness are evident in each and every one of his pieces. 

I encourage you to check out his blog and website and see his creations for yourself ~ I bet they make you smile too.  And you will find links there to his Etsy store, eBay, etc.

Thank-you again, Robert.  I will treasure my new little friend!

Oh ~ and Robert was kind enough to remind me to protect my mice ~ well, because you know how owls feel about mice.  
So far, so good . . .

Tuesday, July 5

Tallulah Lemondrop of Cobblestone Circle . . . and where is that next bear?

Tallulah Lemondrop is spending the day
at the beach with her daughters.

Read Tallulah's story on my website:

She is currently available on my website:
~ SOLD ~


I mentioned a while back that the next Gentry of Cobblestone Court would be coming soon ~ pushing this adorable baby carriage:

Well ~ she will be coming soon.
It's been a matter of creating something that meets my strict standards of design and construction ~ and at just over 6 inches tall, she has proven to be quite the challenge for me.
Here is a peek at the tiny bear who will be riding inside the carriage.

Patience ~ she is coming soon!
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