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Thursday, December 19

I love snow!

Thanks to Winter storm, Falco, we received 
over 20 inches of snow this week 
so I just had to share some 
the beauty with you. 

Love the Seussical hats on the lampposts
We love our forest!!!!

The deck is full of snow!

No grilling tonight.

Yes, that's my mailbox ~ no stick on numbers for me.  lol

Monday, December 16

Published again!

Snuggled in with my morning coffee reading the latest edition of
 Teddy Bear and Friends and who do I see? 
Miss Eugenia smiling back at me. 

Thank-you Teddy Bear and Friends!

Sunday, December 15

Ready for a Blitz?

An online Holiday Bear Show Blitz 
is now underway at 

Stop on by during this
 2 day event 
for some last minutes gifts.  

The show runs now through 
Monday, Dec 16th at 8pm eastern.

Two of my new items are a 
Naughty and Nice 
pair of pebble sized bears.


Monday, December 2

Holiday Parade on the Midcoast

This weekend, Mr. Cobblestone and I 
attended the Holiday Parade 
in a neighboring community.  

Lobster Trap Tree
It was pretty much what we expected, and 
although it was advertised as running from 6-8pm, 
the actual parade lasted only 20 minutes.  

There were a number of floats and 
er, um, holiday vehicles?

Now ~ are those candy canes or fish hooks?

And of course, this being the  midcoast of Maine 
it featured not only the reigning Sea Goddess, 
but also the Blueberry Queen as well.

Of course Santa was there too!

All in all it was a rather fun evening, 
but as someone who attended the 
Macy's parade in NYC, 
I gotta tell you, things are a bit different here.  
Would you ever see a car parked along
 the parade route in New York?

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