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so I know you've been by for a visit.

Monday, January 21

Care to peek inside my studio?

As many of you know, Mr. Cobblestone and I recently 
moved from WI to Maine ~ and are loving it!  
One of the perks of our new house is my studio room, 
which had been a small bedroom tucked up 
under the roof of our cape cod style house.  

It is not exactly the way I want it just yet, so I won't 
be showing you everything here.  
When it is done, I'll try to post one of 
those fancy-schmancy 360 videos for you.  

But over the past weekend, we hung some 
new cabinets that Mr. Cobblestone made for me 
from shutters that used to hang in the dining 
room (ugh!) ~ that Holly Hobby style just 
did not suit our taste (see photo at end).

The large window in the room has been flanked by 
two of the new cabinets.  The shelf under the window 
holds many of the furry friends and trinkets I have 
received from artists from all over the world that I 
have met online.  Seeing them each day makes me 
smile ~ as do the prototypes of my mice from 
all those years ago. 
I think I've improved, don't you?  

Did you spy my toolbox in the lower corner?

Two smaller cabinets are on this wall, next to the 
door we made into the 'closet' under the roof.  
It's a great place for storage bins full of fabric.

 Here are those cabinets opened to 
show some of my teacup collection waiting 
for little potbelly mice to reside in them.

Two more cabinets by the door into the room.

There was a built in desk in the room 
when we moved in ~ a perfect 
spot for my sewing machine.
I added the skirt underneath made from the curtains 
that used to hang on the windows in this room
(Scarlet would be so proud!) 
and the cork boards to the closet doors.

The closets have shelves with smaller bins
that hold my fabric, wools, ribbons, etc
carefully sorted by color and type.

And here is a pic of the dining room with the shutters.  
They as well as the plate rail and tiny blue valence 
were one of the first things I took down when we moved in. 
Fabric for new drapery is still leaning 
in a corner of an upstairs bedroom.  
Sigh . . . someday . . .

Thursday, January 17

New Mice Available

I can hardly believe it ~ there are now a total of 
100 Citizens of Cobblestone Circle.  
With such a milestone, I just had to do 
something special, and perhaps predictable. 

Citizen #100 is Eleanor Thistlewhitte ~ the owner 

of the sewing shop.  
I hope you have a moment to drop by my website and meet her.  
Just click on her photo to read her story and see more pics.

I also have a family of mice ready to inhabit 
your 1:24 scale dollhouses.  
You can find Alan, Audrey, Auggie and Baby Ava
 now on my website as well.  
These smallest of my mice collections range 
from 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches tall.
They are available as a set or if you prefer 
individually starting at just $15.

And please mark your calendars for the next 

BearHugs4U show coming up 
March 8-10.  

During this show I hope to have 
an entire family of mice from Cobblestone Circle 
going on a picnic in their car,  
two new nursery rhyme characters,
a potbelly demitasse mouse,
some new leprechauns,
and hopefully a new bear or two.

My worktable is overflowing!!!

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