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Thursday, May 31

Shopping in downtown Rockland, Maine

The mid-coast region of Maine is dotted with numerous quaint little towns.  Rockland is the one where we’ve been staying this month as we go through our move from WI to our new home.  

Exploring this tiny town has been fun as it has many adorable little shops along its Main Street.  My favorite by far is a darling place called Seagull Cottage.  It is one of those places  that makes me feel right at home with the colors, sights and sounds of the shore.   

Even I have to giggle at that last line, because anyone who knows me knows I am definitely not a beach person in the traditional sense of “Let’s put on our swimsuits, grab the picnic basket and umbrella and go sit in the sand and sun.”  Ugh !  Not for me.  I’m more the “Let’s get our jackets and wander the deserted beaches on this cloudy day, being careful to not step in any seaweed or other slimy things that have rudely decided to deposit themselves in our path.”  Yep, I’m that kind of beach person.  Hey, just trying to keep the balance in the universe.

But Seagull Cottage is a little piece of heaven.  
(Suppose it could be name that attracts me?  
It's very close to Gull Cottage a la The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. . . .) 

Another store that caught my eye:

Hmmm . . .  not quite the Macy’s I’m used to.

Moving tomorrow to The Bean House ~ stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 29

More from Maine

Mr. Cobblestone and I spent the Memorial Day weekend exploring Rockland, which is where the hotel is located that we’ve been calling home this month.  Aside ~ the month cannot end too soon for us.  Although it is a very nice, clean, new hotel, enough is enough.  Besides, we’ve got a very interesting place to call home for the month of June.  Details coming soon.

Anyway ~ we started the weekend with some unnerving excitement as Mr. Cobblestone’s car started acting up.  Turns out I did not get the memo about having to really put your back into screwing on the gas cap when one is done filling the tank of hubby’s car.   
Result: I think I should never have to pump gas again.

We strolled along the Rockport boardwalk 
and mile long breakwater later that day.  


The breakwater is constructed of large granite cubes.

 It is quite an uneven surface the extends out into the harbor.

On Sunday we visited Birch Point Beach Park.
Even though I was snug inside my jacket for most of the time, 
there were actually people swimming at the beach. 

If you look closely you can see me perched on a rock 
enjoying the peacefulness of the view.

They  were all lovely spots that I’m sure we’ll enjoy often.
I continue to need to remind myself that we live here!

Friday, May 25

Our paradise

First I want to thank all of you who have left such thoughtful comments or have sent supportive emails.  They mean so much to both me and Mr. Cobblestone.  
 We are still enjoying our house hunting (house buying) experience, although it does tend to be a very long process.  There were so many lovely choices!  When we have the closing on our new home, I’ll post pics for you here.   
I know you will love it as much as we do.

Today I have some peeks of this area for you.   
I’m sure you will agree it is close to paradise.
These photos are from the harbor that, 
if all goes well, 
will be just one mile from our new home. 

Here are some shots from a peninsula called Owl’s Head.

 That's Mr. Cobblestone checking out our new surroundings.


And these last two are of Camden Harbor.  

I’ve let Mr. Cobblestone know  that it would be very acceptable to take me on a short cruise on one of these old yachts as my birthday gift his year.  A pamphlet for one of them just happened to find its way into my purse.  :D

I have of course done my fair share of 
checking out some local shops.   
More details coming soon!

Monday, May 21

The house not chosen

. . . . . yet.   

Although Mr. Cobblestone and I have placed an offer on another house in Maine, in real estate you’re never really sure it’s a done deal until , well, until it’s a done deal.  But today I want to share with you the house that has been occupying our thoughts for the past week or so.  

It is a grand 2500 sq ft federal style home built in 1885. 

Isn’t it lovely?  Well, maybe not all of it, not yet.  But can’t you just see its potential?  There is a big part of me that would love nothing more than to have my hand at this property.  Ooooo just think of celebrating the holidays here!!!  

But there are other parts of me that are scared to death of even starting the process.  One such part is my nose.  The house comes with a . . . hmmmm . . . let’s call it the George Washington slept here odor (yes, I know I’m about 100 years off, but you know what I mean .)  

Now I’m not saying that dear ol’ George was not a regular bather (though was anyone in those days?) or that he suffered from extreme flatulence, but there is a certain smell to things of that era, and  this house definitely has a unique aroma.   

Another unusual aspect to it are the closets which, although I did not test this, I doubt whether a modern day hangar would even fit in them!   And let’s not forget the blue tarps on the basement walls.  (I think it was this house that had the tarps, but honestly I’ve seen so many houses in the past week or so that I am really not sure.)

Despite all the things I’ve mentioned, and a few I’m sure I’ve forgotten, this house is still appealing to me.  We’ll just have to wait and see how things shake out in our venture into Maine real estate. 
For now it remains the house not chosen, 
but certainly NOT the house not loved.
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