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Wednesday, January 29

Time to Vote!

I cannot believe I almost forgot to do the second half of the giveaway I had last month.  It is a busy, busy, busy time here at Cobblestone Creations.

Here's your chance to vote on which mouse will be made at Cobblestone Creations.  Since I received over 90 suggestions during my giveaway contest last month, I have narrowed the choices down to the 30 most interesting.  To vote, feel free to leave your pick in a comment here or email your choice to me.  Enjoy!

Ad Man     Barmaid     Blacksmith     Chemist     Cobbler     Doctor     Elves     Farrier     Fireman     Florist     Ghost     Hair Stylist     Librarian     Lighthouse Keeper     Movie star     Nurse     Nutcracker     Peddler     Pilot     Royal Family     Santa     School Teacher     Scrooge     Secretary     Ships Captain     Skier     Tailor     Town Crier     Watchmaker     Witch

And don't forget ~ the next online show starts in just about a week on Feb 7th!  The Tea Time Bears will be there.


Thursday, January 16

Another award for me!

So proud to say my Felicity has won a 
2013 TBAAF Award! 

 Thank-you to everyone who voted. 

Friday, January 10

Workout Buddies

I trust everyone had a lovely holiday season, 
perhaps followed by some resolutions about fitness?  
Along those lines, I have 
three new bears to offer today.

The Workout Buddies!  

Bear on Exercise Bike

Bear on Elliptical Trainer

Bear on Treadmill
They are now available on my website.

Wednesday, January 8

Special gifts for my Studio

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  

Before we get back into the ol' routine I wanted 
to share with you some of the special additions 
I received for my studio.

The Bear Maker

This sticker book came from a little niece of one 
of my collectors ~ for "The Mouse Lady!"

A very sweet shadowbox to get me ready for the next holiday.  Can you spy the mice?
Things are quite busy in my studio these days ~ getting 
ready for 3 online shows 
over the next 3 months!  

The first one is Feb 7-10 and will feature two
bears having tea at this table.

I will be posting a preview pic 
of them in the next few days.

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