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Wednesday, December 14

It's beginning to look a lot like . . . Hogwarts?

As you can imagine, all the mice in Cobblestone Circle are busy with their Christmas preparations.  As am I. 

Every year seems to bring a combination of tradition and newness to my decorating.  Some of the newness is by choice, or I simply don't remember where I placed certain items in previous years ~ but some is forced.  Although the concept empty-nest is firmly rooted in my and Mr. Cobblestone's brains, downsizing has not yet hit our psyche.  Due to some rather large new furniture purchases, I find that some of my Christmas collection has had to find new locations.  This takes me waaaaaaaaay longer than you'd think it should.
Aside:  It was Mr. Cobblestone who pointed out years ago that it is indeed Christmas 'Collection' that I possess ~ much like a museum in that you don't showcase it all at once, but rather choose which items to display in any given year.  Yes, I'm a Christmas junkie on some level.  *gasp*
Anyway, the first change this year was in our dining room.  We used to have two light fixtures above the table, but changed to one large one this year ~ and added the architectural detailing on the ceiling.  I had only just begun to create my Hogwarts effect (for lack of  a better term) last year and here already I had to come up with a new plan.  But fear not ~ armed with my invisible sewing thread, and a few well placed pins, I managed to hang all my crystal snowflakes and golden ornaments from the ceiling once again.  The effect is really stunning when we dine in the evenings with the candles lit.  I'm toying with the idea of getting some of those battery operated votives and hanging them as well ~ you know, kinda like the floating candles in Hogwarts dining hall.  The falling snow is definitley out of the question.  Hmmm . . . .
Today I will decorate the large tree in the living room, which once again will be a change for me.  We no longer have room for the largest tree from the Christmas Tree Farm (I told ya ~ junkie) so I will definitely have to do some editing of what actually makes it onto the tree this year. 
I hope each of you are enjoying your holiday preparations ~ and that you and yours have a peaceful and joyous season!

Friday, December 9

I was only trying to finish my Christmas shopping . . honest!

So there I was in the mall, doing my best to find the perfect gifts for those on my Christmas list when I spotted this:

The store thought it was a ring holder, but you and I know
it is really a mouse sized fainting couch!
Now how could I pass that up? 

And maybe just one more mouse accessory followed me home . . .

Just perfect for another
potbelly mouse in his cheese head!

Wednesday, December 7

SALE at Cobblestone Creations!

Now through Monday Dec 12th get
25% off everything at
Cobblestone Creations
by using the coupon code sparkle.

Save even more by joining the
mailing list and receive a code good for
40% off!

Free shipping included.


Sunday, December 4

Dressing the part

It's been so long since I've posted here.  It seems Mr. Cobblestone and I have had very little time at home lately as we've been criss-crossing the country, mostly visiting with the little pebbles.  They really aren't so little anymore and it does the heart good to see them out in the world creating their lives.  We are indeed proud.

I wanted to share with you an experience we had during one of these trips.  For years now we have approached air travel with a rather unconventional slant.  As opposed to the masses who arrive at the airport in apparently their comfiest sweatshirts, well broken in sneakers and elastic-waisted polyester pants, we choose instead to outfit ourselves in business casual or better.  (Wouldn't Stacy and Clinton be proud!)  It has been our experience that doing so results in much more pleasant interactions with everyone from airport wait staff, TSA, flight attendants, etc.  Although the adage is to not judge a book by its cover, I do believe it is simple human nature to do so.

Case in point ~ as I was recombobulating myself after passing through airport security, I found I was missing one of my earrings.  Keep in mind that this was during one of those high traffic days before Thanksgiving ~ yep, that day.  I hesitated to go back to look for it, but reasoned that I could perhaps quietly peek around without causing too much trouble.  To my surprise, the TSA guy not only helped me look through ALL the empty bins at the end of his security line, but he also asked his colleagues if they had seen a lost earring.  We eventually found it in their office.  And it is worth noting that he was actually friendly and smiling during the entire exchange.  Just sayin' . . . .

It was a good start to a wonderful trip.  We spent Thanksgiving morning on 6th Ave in NYC across from Bryant Park ~ and that's where I saw HIM!

I hope each of you are enjoying your own holiday preparations.  Don't forget to join my mailing list to receive your 40% off coupon!  These will be going out on Tuesday Dec 6th and will be good for everything on the SHOP Page of my website!

Monday, November 21

Makin' a list and checkin' it twice . . .

Are you on the Cobblestone Creations mailing list yet? 

St. Nick thinks you may want to consider joining,
 because as an extra special thank-you
to all the nice people who follow my work that way,
I will be emailing an exciting Christmas surprise on

Friday, November 18

Two more Christmas Mice

I had two new mice for the holidays available this morning. 
I say had, because they were both
sold with 6 minutes of my announcing them to my email list! 

~ Mrs. Dorcas Silk ~
You can read her story,
and see more pics of her lovely tree
 on my website by clicking here.

I was very happy to find some twinkle lights that
are the right size for a mouse-sized tree.
I think next year there may need to be a
city mouse/country mouse set for the holidays. 
What do you think?

 And ~ the other that sold this morning ~

The Little Match Girl
inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale

Saturday, November 12

Cassandra Hailey ~ and a secret revealed!

~ Cassandra Hailey of Cobblestone Circle ~

You can enjoy her story on my website.

~ sold ~

And as for the secret, remember this from a few posts ago?

Well, now you can see the tiny bit from
the hardware store turned into the
donation kettle for Cassandra's scene. 

And the stand, well, it's amazing what
you can do with a drapery pleater pin!

There are still a few more
Christmas creations on my work table yet for this year.

Wednesday, November 9

Christmas Creations

Here are some of the new
Christmas Mice and Bears
available now on the SHOP page of my website.

of Cobblestone Court

Remember that layaway is always available ~ we can find a payment plan that will work for you.

There are still a few new
Christmas items coming,
so stay tuned! 

Tuesday, November 8

Going to their new home . . .

Just wanted to share with you that some of my bears
will be going to their new homes very soon. 
Helene Winston ~ The Ice Skating Bear


The Porters ~ The Caroling Bears

Thursday, November 3

Anyone for a Party?

We are back from our travels in New England and I just had to share this scene we stumbled across on the streets of Gloucester, MA outside the toy shop. 

They even had a seat saved for me! 

In Auburn, ME we found this treasure:

But overal, the result of our journey is that
Camden, ME stole our hearts!

Don't forget ~ the
Nov 5th and 6th

Tuesday, October 25

Sneak peeks at Nov 5th - 6th Holiday Show

If you are looking for a special Christmas gift,
or simply enjoy shopping from home,
please join us for the
on Nov 5th and 6th
and shop for Teddy Bears, Animals, Dolls
and other Art from artist around the world.
There are many show exclusives.

Here is my little sneak peek:


On the show site you will find a slideshow featuring the peeks from all the other artists as well as the timetable so you can see when it begins in your corner of the world.

You don't want to miss this one!

Friday, October 21

Pilgrim Mice Now Available ~ and a tease of what's next . . .

I am so pleased to tell you that I have new mice available!

Just in time for your Autumn décor.

This Pilgrim Mice set includes both mice, 
a tiny harvest basket, an itsy-bitsy pumpkin

and this vintage turkey.

As always, layaway is available!

Here's a tease of what I'm using as an
accessory for my next Christmas Mouse. 
It's amazing what you can find to re-purpose
for mice in the hardware store.

 Any guesses?

Thursday, October 20

Mouse on a Hog?

It seems like ages since I’ve had anything new for sale ~ but believe me I’ve been busy!   And some of that busy has been shopping.  Mr. Cobblestone and I were at our local home improvement store over the weekend shopping for new doors (finally).  As luck would have it, this particular store  had just set up their special holiday section.  

Ah yes, the return of The Enchanted Forest.
You must understand that The Enchanted Forest has been a part of our holiday tradition going back to when our children were young.  So much so, that I felt obligated to snap a pic to tease our daughter who now lives out of town. 

And of course I had to stop and look for any ornaments that would be perfect mouse sized accessories.  And what did I find? 

I found this motorcycle! 

Now ~ how could I pass that up!  And look how well it fits!

This mouse is destined to be one of my Pilgrims, but he does give you the idea of how another mouse will look seated there. 
Oooooo now I have to go through my fabric stash and find some black leather.

Tuesday, October 18

I've been trick-or-treating. Have you?

Just a reminder that the
is going on now through Oct 31st. 

Here's the treat I nabbed for myself from
Artist Adrianne Kinsella of kissinglass. 

 I just fell in love with this tiny votive ~ and especially the teeny tiny ladybug hiding on the back.

You can find more from Adrianne and many other artists at www.halloweenstudiotour.com.

Monday, October 10

Stitch, stitch, stitch . . . poke, poke, poke . . . pedal, pedal, pedal . . .

Hello friends!  I apologize for being away from my blog for so long, but as stated in the title, I’ve been quite busy sewing, needle felting and yes, taking an occasional break for a bike ride with Mr. Cobblestone ~ and enjoying our Autumn landscapes.
Our yard is showing signs of white! 
No, not my beloved snow, no yet, but we do have  a white clematis blooming now
and my irises too!
irisiris 2
I must mention the lovely ride we took earlier this week.  The longest one so far, for me.  We went from our home all the way down to the Lake Michigan lake front ~ a distance of 30 miles.  And it was a delightful day ~ all the trees were in their brilliant Autumn splendor.
As for sewing, I’m afraid I have nothing to show you today.  All the items I am currently working on are destined for the Holiday Bazaar Online show Nov 5 and 6 ~ and you know how it goes with shows ~ no previews before the show begins.  Though I do believe I will be able to give you a tease starting Saturday Oct 15th.  I’ll post it here if permitted.  I can tell you there will be caroling bears and mice, an ice skating bear, a bear with a baby doll and a few potbelly Santa mice.   
Before I go I do have two more photos to share with you which I received from one of my collectors.  It is always such fun to see what my mice have been up to since they’ve left my home. 
Ann Willcox is indeed at the Pelican’s Post
Pelican post
Wendell Finkelworth is busy cleaning up in his toy shop. 
Aren’t they darling! 
This fine work is by artist Gerald Lusk.

Saturday, October 1

It's time to go Trick-or-Treating!

I've just taken a peek at some of the great art being offered in this show and it is amazing!  Not only can you find cool decorating ideas, recipes, ghost stories, etc, you can 'meet' some new artists and grab up some wonderful Halloween/Autumn art for your collection.  There are faery houses, jewelry, magic wands, dolls, art glass, bears and even a couple of mice you may recognize.

The show is in support of Bat Conservation International ~ and you know if we help the bats, they in turn will help us by consuming those nasty mosquitoes!

Hope you take a moment to enjoy the show ~ and there's even a door prize!  You can find me along the path near the bottom left hand side of the village hanging out with the skull candlestick. :)

Here are the items I have available in conjunction with this show:

~ * ~

I also wanted to let you know that Cobblestone Creations is now offering
Gift Certificates ~ just in time for the holidays!

~ * ~

My studio is filled with Holiday items destined for the Who's Who in Bearmaking Show coming up Nov 5th and 6th.

Hopefully I will have new things to offer on my website very soon as well.
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