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Wednesday, March 23

My latest commissioned piece ~ Miss Scarlett

Had to share my latest commissioned piece ~ everyone's favorite southern bell, Miss Scarlett, is dressed for the BBQ.
I have been working on her literally for the past 3 months ~ greatly expanded my sewing technique repertoire.
And I kinda like that she will be residing just outside of Rhett's hometown of Charleston, SC.

Friday, March 18

Tea for Two

A finely dressed lady
(who would fit right into a group of Cobblestone Circle Citizens)
with her Royal Albert Peppermint Damask tea pot


A tiny potbellied friend sitting in the matching teacup
 are now available on my website ~
either singly or at a discounted price if the pair are purchased together.

Sold in under an hour!

Wednesday, March 16

How far are you willing to go for Fresh Eggs?

Each year as a Christmas gift, my sister-in-law (well, I suppose she's actually my ex-sister-in-law now) sends me a subscription to a different magazine.  This year it's Mary Janes Farm, an organic lifestyle magazine.

The most recent issue contains an article by MaryJane Butters on urban chicken farming.  Yep, Urban chicken farming.  There's apparently even a website where you can check whether backyard chicken keeping is legal in your neighborhood.  In the article, MaryJane goes on to suggest that you don't even need a yard to keep the little cluckers ~ that all you really need is a patio of even just a balcony.  Now doesn't that conjure up some amusing images.  For those of you who are perhaps having trouble imagining it, I will share the photo from the article of chickens in a retro-fitted baby crib ~ in the bedroom!!!!

Now you must understand, I do like fresh eggs, and Mr. Cobblestone get ours from a friend who raises chickens on her property ~ her non-urban property that is. 

And although the article provided detailed instructions, including a pattern, for making chicken diapers, I'm afraid I don't see this particular brand of freshness in my future.

Wednesday, March 9


It will be gone in a few hours with the rains coming by noon,

but for a few more precious hours 

we've been granted a reprieve

from the muds sure to follow.

Tuesday, March 8

Pleater pins . . .

So where are all the new mice, you ask? 
Oh, they're around. 
Trouble is they're around in bits and pieces waiting to be finished.  

Yes, the planetary journey has brought us round again to Spring, which in my neck of the woods typically means Season of Gray Skies, Mud and  . . . sigh . . . Spring Cleaning. 

Mr Cobblestone and I started on the living room over the weekend ~ he washes the walls and steams the carpeting while I basically clean everything else.  I'll admit I got the better deal, well, except for the draperies. 

I've made all the window treatments in our house (a genetic flaw I fear), and the ones in this room consist of a triple layer of ceiling to floor pieces that are heavily pleated.  So after the washing and ironing and adjusting the hems, each one is threaded onto its pleater pins and rehung.   

It took me an entire afternoon to finish the smaller window in the room ~ and tomorrow . . . . I tackle the grand daddy of the house. . . .

But this afternoon I may just have to work on
the mice ~ they're starting to look a bit lonely.

Inspiration from OWOH win

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail!  Yesterday the postman delivered my other OWOH win ~ a set of 4 gorgeous cards from

Her work is so rich and detailed ~ you must go check it out here.

I had been looking for an inspiration piece for decorating a
guest room ~ and now I've found it! 
Off to buy some frames today.  :)

Thank-you Jo-Ann!!!

Wednesday, March 2

Such a lovely gift

A few weeks ago I was participating in the OWOH blog event and was lucky enough to be the recipient of two of the door prizes.

Yesterday the postman delivered this darling baby blanket along with a nice note from The Gingerbread Lady.  

I encourage you all to visit her very entertaining blog ~ she routinely has me giggling at the start of my days ~ and you can see some of her lovely crochet work.

The second prize ~ well, you'll just have to wait until it arrives and I can post some pics for you then.
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