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so I know you've been by for a visit.

Thursday, October 25

Anniversary Celebration

It's been almost one year to the day that Mr. Cobblestone and I first fell in love with the Camden/Rockport area of Maine from atop Mt. Battie.   
To mark the occasion, we had a picnic there last weekend.  It was the absolute peak day for Autumn color and I have a few photos to share with you.

Looking down on Camden Harbor.
 On the other side of the bay is Acadia Park.
 Don't you love that one bright red tree among the golds and greens?

The red arrow shows the approximate location of our home.  
I still cannot believe we are so close to the shoreline.

Tuesday, October 23

A makeover for Bess

I liked the face I was able to create for Candie Corne so much that I've taken my felting needle to one of the bears I've shared with you before.  Miss Bess Littleton is the recipient of this makeover.    



I think you'll agree the needle felting, and new set of eyes, have softened her look quite a bit, giving her a much more gentle little girl appearance.  You can see more photos on her sale page.

Unfortunately, Bess is made of mohair.  Even though I was wearing latex gloves while working on her, I have proof in my hands once again that I am indeed allergic to mohair.  There are some parts of this process that you just can't do with gloves on.  I will give my hands some time to recover before I redo another.

Monday, October 22

French Teddy Awards

Do you want to see some gorgeous bears and maybe find an artist you had not known before?  Well, have I got a deal for you.

Between now and Nov 16th you can visit the site of the French Teddy Awards and see many lovely bears and friends.  And you can VOTE on your favorites too.

Since the contest is run from France, and in the French  language, here is a simple breakdown of the instructions.
Go to the site:

Across the top in the brown border are the 7 categories.

When you click on the category, you will see the bears entered there.  You will need to mark on a piece of paper which one in each category is your favorite as the actual voting in done on another webpage. 

Some categories have more than others, but I have the 
pages to load fairly quickly on my computer.  
(Undressed 45, Dressed 63, Panda 29, Mini 31, Duos 32, Realistic 11, Other 44)

I have noticed that the tiny house icon next to the bear photo will take you to that artist's website where you can see even more of their work.

 Once you have looked at all the categories, click on Vote.

On the vote page each category has a dropdown box where you select your favorite in each category.

 Fill in the information at the bottom and click on Submit.

It looks like you must select a favorite in each category for your vote to count, and please honor the organizers' wishes by voting only once.

Sunday, October 21

Meet Millicent and Edmund Langely

As promised, there are now more teeny tiny 3 inch tall bears living along side the mice in Cobblestone Circle.  
The next two citizen bears, 
Edmund and Millicent Langely, 
are ready to meet you now. 
You can see more photos and read their story here.

Please note I am offering a special discounted price 
if the pair are purchased together.
And as you see, they are numbers 96 and 97 in the 
Cobblestone Circle series.  
Number 100 will have to be something special.  
What would you like to see?

Thursday, October 18

Listen, do you smell that?

As you may have seen in the news, there was an earthquake Tuesday night in Maine.  Many people asked me if I felt it and to be honest, I was surprised to even hear about it on the news Wednesday morning.  

Mr. Cobblestone and I discussed it over dinner last night.  At the time of the quake (7:12pm), I was upstairs in my studio and  he was downstairs.  It turns out that each of us had the same thought ~ specifically "What is he/she doing now?"

So yes, I did feel the earthquake, I just didn't know it.  But Mr. Cobblestone and I are taking joy from the fact that after all these years together, we can still make the earth move for each other.   ;) 

In other news, I am working on many items at once, again.  One bear is even getting a facial makeover!   And you know, once the others see it, they'll want one too.

So, thank-you all for your thoughtful concern ~ we're all shipshape here.

Wednesday, October 17

Take a peek at the peak?

Peak color that is.  
Although we still have some green leaves in our woods, I do believe this week is simply gorgeous at our home in Maine.  

Friday, October 12

The Show has Begun!

The FALL LA~LA~LA~LA Show at Bear Hugs 4 U, featuring bears and friends for the upcoming holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is open now through 8pm Sunday, October 14th. What a great way to get a start on your holiday shopping in the comfort of your home during this ONLINE show! 
A special thanks to Dolores Austin for organizing this event.


Among the new items from me for this show are two new Citizens of Cobblestone Circle ~ and one of them is a tiny 3 inch BEAR! Finally Bear Collectors will be able to discover the magic and romance of Cobblestone Circle.

Hope you have a moment to stop by for a peek. 

Tuesday, October 9

Oh yeah, we're in the right place. I even like the ghosts here!

Happy Halloween!

In the recent issue of The Scene, a local paper, 
they ran a piece about hauntings in the area. 
 Turns out there's a pretty good one right here
 in our new home town of Rockport Maine.

Now, aside from maybe Casper, 
you can't asked for a friendlier ghost than that! 
I have walked across that bridge, but it was during the day.  
No ale for me . . . yet!

Don't forget to visit the online show 
this weekend at BearHugs4U.  
Miss Candie Corne is one of the EIGHT 
new items I will have available.

A new house(?) for one of the 
citizens in Cobblestone Circle. 
Find out who at the show.

 Hope to see you there!!

Monday, October 8

"Don’t say it like that, say it like: we’re taking the train!"

Yesterday Mr. Cobblestone and I took a day off from our usual weekend routine of working on our new home and took a ride on the Maine Eastern Railroad.  They run special Fall Foliage trips from Rockland to Brunswick on Sundays.  

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing day, (one that Sheldon would have liked as well), scheduled at what appeared to be the peak day of color in these parts.  A two hour layover in Brunswick went all too quickly, allowing only for a brief lunch stop.  It is hard to believe that a mere 12 months ago we were strolling those streets thinking how nice it would be to retire to Maine someday ~ and now we are living here! 

Although the Fall colors seem to be peaking or even fading in most of this area, the leaves in our yard are still mostly green.  

Perhaps we are in a tiny micro-climate, or perhaps the fairies and elves who live here have an effect on such matters.
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