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Tuesday, December 21

One Day Sale TODAY! 50% Off everything!

The First Day of Winter Celebration SALE is now underway.

Everything on the website is 50% off for the next 24 hours only.

Enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 18

One Day Sale Tuesday Dec 21st!

❄ Winter is almost here!!! 
And I'm so excited that I'm having a
to celebrate the start of my favorite season of the year.

For only 24 hours,
TUESDAY December 21st
at 9:00 am eastern, 6:00 am pacific,
everything on my website will be HALF OFF!

Friday, December 10

And so it begins . . . .

it's Cookie Week at our house!  

Each December I spend an entire week baking and decorating cookies for our family and friends.  
Hundreds and hundreds of Santa cookies!

And I have to admit, the situation is much like I describe in Abigail's story ~ which you can read on my webiste

Here's a pic from last year:

Wednesday, December 8

Doing any air travel this holiday season?

At least the Milwaukee airport gives you a place to put yourself back together after security screenings.  :)

Safe travels my friends! 

Thursday, December 2

Santa Claus Mouse in his Sleigh and Riley Christmas Morning

We are in the middle of the
12 days of Cobblestone Christmas
on eBay ~ and the first of the many holiday items will be ending tomorrow night ~ Friday Dec 3rd.

There are still many more Christmas and New Year's items yet to start on eBay ~ so be sure to check back often between now and December 14th!

Wednesday, November 24

Giving Thanks ~ 12 Days of Cobblestone Christmas on eBay

For 12 days, beginning Friday Nov 26th, I will have at least one new auction starting each evening on eBay.  As is my policy, the starting bid price will be lower than the prices on my website.  Some may have a Buy-It-Now option, but none will have a reserve!

And in the spirit of the season, I am extending a further discount on purchases through the end of the year to anyone on my mailing list ~ so sign up now to qualify.

I extend my warmest Holiday Wishes to all of you and your families.

Monday, November 22

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the online Holiday Show this past weekend.  I hope you had fun looking at all the wonderful artists' offerings.

The remaining Holiday Mice are now on the Shopping page of my website.  Some that had been listed as a set during the show are now available individually ~ and I am offering a discount on purchases of two or more now through the end of the year.


Friday, October 29

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

Well . .  I'm not sure what it's looking like!

Gorgeous Fall leaves everywhere ~ and my iris are blooming!

A bit of whimsy that suits me just fine.  :)

Friday, September 24

Two new little 'Punkins'

A darling little Potbelly Mouse who is
In Love With Fall

And another of the Trick-or-Treaters from
Cobblestone Circle has dressed as a Pumpkin.

Both are now sold.

Sunday, September 19

Trick or Treat VAMPIRE Mouse

A few of the Trick-or-Treaters from Cobblestone Circle
are still available on my website
Will they be trick-or-treating in your
neighborhood this Halloween?

Most of these darlings have already found new
 homes ~ only the Vampire, the Queen and the Pirate remain.

Little Pear Mouse is also available.

Friday, September 17

BWBA Autumn Giveaway!

One of my artist groups (BWBA) is having a giveaway ~ Eight prizes to be won!
And one is a cute Potbelly Mouse dressed as a
Witch for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 15

Trick-or-Treat in Cobblestone Circle

Oh, there is so much excitement in Cobblestone Circle now that Fall is here!

Many of the tiny mice are already dresssed in their Halloween costumes and are eager to go trick-or-treating.

Will they make it to your neighborhood?

Sunday, August 29

A sweet mousie who wants to share a pear ~ and more for Riley

This darling wee mousie has found a great snack but needs someone to share it with her.

Aqua Floral Jeans Set for Riley and  friends.

Sunday, August 22

A Potbelly Fairy Mouse ~ and Ladybug Pajamas and Chalkboard Jeans for Riley

Well, I must admit the pairing of some words just gives me a chuckle ~ and Potbelly Fairy  is certainly  one of those pairings.   But this adorable little mouse is far from the mental image that made me chuckle. 

Precious little Wishes is on eBay
now through Sunday Aug 29th.

And this week I have two offerings for Riley.
The first is a cute Ladybug Pajama Set

and the second is a School Chalkboard Jeans set.

Wednesday, August 18

To market to market to buy a . . . .

No ~ not a fat pig as in the children's nursery rhyme.  But lots of other goodies at the local farmers' market made their way into the basket of my bicycle this morning. 

I got what have become staples for me ~ the tiny cucumbers and patty pan squash.  And the TOMATOES are here!  I grabbed two large red ones and (cue angelic chorus) Sungolds!  They are absolutely my favorite. 

I was also extremely pleased to see tomatillos.  I make a fresh salsa from them ~ uncooked ~ which is very different than most of the recipes you will find.  I just grind them up with hot and sweet peppers, pineapple sage and a touch of salt, lemon juice and cumin.  Yummmmm ~ get me the tortilla chips and turn on the Packer game! 

Sunday, August 15

~ Meet Rosie and Sam Johannsen of Cobblestone Circle ~


 When the Johannsens first purchased the land to build their home, they delighted in its unique location. To the north they had spectacular views of the lake and lighthouse. To the west, just beyond Abernathy’s Orchard was the refreshing fishing hole and the cool dark woods just beyond that. All this only a short skip from the center of town. They knew it was the perfect spot for them to raise their children.

What they had not anticipated was how this ideal location would become the spot where everyone in Cobblestone Circle would gather for their annual end-of-summer barbeque. There is some debate as to whether it is a celebration of the last lazy days of Summer or the beginning of the upcoming school year, but it has indeed turned into one of the favorite events with everyone bringing their own special contribution to the feast.

Some things never change. Eleanor Thistlewhitte brings her potato salad. Mrs. O’Dooley, with her sweet tooth brings a dessert and this year she brought gooey chocolate brownies. The Cobbs bring fresh picked corn from their garden ~ along with all of Jack’s same old jokes about it being the best Cobb’s cobs ever. And you can always count on Mimsy Shrewsbury’s pickles sitting untouched until someone takes pity on her and manages to make them disappear from the table without her seeing exactly where they have gone. But I’d have to say the one thing everyone looks forward to the most is Rosie’s famous homemade lemonade.

In the course of the afternoon folks tend to spread out into the surrounding areas. Those that enjoy the beach wander off for a quick dip or to build sand castles. A few of the folks bring their lines and poles for a fishing contest, and there are those among the children who make an afternoon of climbing the trees in the orchard talking to each other on tin can telephones.

Of course they all end up around Sam’s grill for dinner. Every year he wears the chef’s hat Timothy Merrimuffin had given him during the first of these parties. On his grill can be found every sort of classic summer fare from freshly caught trout to steaks, chicken and burgers. His favorite though is the lowly hotdog, probably due to the fact that his wife, Rosie, out of concern for his health, has put strict limitations on his consumption of them.

He stands there smiling, eagerly awaiting his treat, hoping with all his might that his buddies, George Taggert and Chester Adams, will not spill the beans to Rosie about how they had lunched on hotdogs at the cafe last Tuesday.

Rosie and Sam will be on eBay through Sunday Aug 22nd.

Sunday, August 8

Gretta Clausen ~ A Dollhouse Darlin' Mouse

Gretta Clausen

The lady of the house is on her way to market
and here is what she brings home:

On eBay through Sunday August 15th

Tonight on eBay ~ Red and White Jeans Set for Riley

This set has a pair of dark blue jeans, a red and white crop top and matching sandals.

Starting on eBay  tonight at 9:35 pm eastern.

The auction has a buy-it-now option, or otherwise ends Sunday Aug 8th.

Wednesday, August 4

Now on eBay ~ 3 sets for Riley

All 3 of these darling jeans sets include
Crop Tops, Jeans and Cork Sandals.  
They are availble now as Buy-It-Now
or end on Sunday Aug 8th.
~ sold~

~ sold~

~ sold~

Sunday, July 25

~ Frostie ~ She can predict how many weeks of Summer are left!

As promised back on Groundhog Day, here is my little mousie ready to predict how many weeks of Summer are left to endure. 
~ sold ~

Wondering about the Ice Cream Sandwich?  Visit my Feb 2nd blog entry to learn about my inspiration for her.

Stay cool folks ~ this heat can't last forever.  :)

Starting tonight ~ two new offerings for Riley

Since these have been selling so quickly, thought I'd give everyone a bit of advance notice about the jeans sets starting tonight for Riley. 
Both sets include Crop Tops, Jeans and Sandals. 

Please note that the links to the auctions will not work until the auctions begin this evening ~ Sunday July 25th at 9:35-9;40pm eastern.

Happy Lion

Yellow Daisies

Wednesday, July 21

More good summer stuff

Lately I've been biking to our weekly local Farmers' Market and found so many goodies there today!

The patty pan squash is a new veggie for me so I'll need to research a bit on cooking methods ~ but they were so cute I just had to have some. 

I was also fortunate that I had my camera in hand as I noticed the golden finches on our garage wall ~ been trying for a pic for some time now and finally got one!!  I've never seen birds just hanging out on a wall before. 

Whew those are some strong toes.  :)
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