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Saturday, June 25

New rule . . .

We have a new rule at our house:
Drive it before you bike it!

Those of you who follow my blog know that Mr. Cobblestone and I routinely enjoy our biking, with most excursions being along our local bike trails.  These trails follow old railroad beds, thus having both enjoyably not-too-steep inclines and no car traffic.  But every once in a while, usually at the urging of Mr. Cobblestone, we venture onto real roads.

Today was one of those days.  The community just north of us on the bike trail was having their annual Fun Before the Fourth celebration and we thought it best to avoid the understandably congested area.  We had seen a route that met with my approval in a book titled Short Bike Rides.  It was a 12.3 mile loop touted as, and I quote "Slightly rolling" with "Light to moderate traffic."
Ahem . . . .

Perhaps it's just me, but the part where we were boxed in between cars that were entering the interstate qualified as a tad more than "moderate traffic" in my book.  And there was actually one hill near the end where, I'm sorry to say, I had to walk my bike.
Oh, the shame of it . . .

But the most humorous part of the adventure was that the town in the midst of this route was having their annual Strawberry Festival today.
image copyright of American Greeting

Streets were blocked off and thousands of people were milling about eating, drinking and wearing their strawberries proudly.  We did not stop to partake, since it would have been quite unpleasant to try to navigate the crowds with our bicycles in tow, and we were plenty hot, sweaty and a bit ripe ourselves from our "slightly rolling" exertion.  I hope the crowds appreciated my thoughtfulness.

Thanks to living in this age when one can find out about anything at any time, I googled the Festival this evening (had to see what we missed, didn't I?) laughing as I did so, thinking they probably even had Strawberry Brats! (For those of you outside of Wisconsin you'll need to google BRATS to see what all the fuss is about.)

Anyway ~ I was right!  Not only did they serve Strawberry Brats ~ they were the first item on the food list!  No big surprise I suppose when you consider that they serve Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers at the State Fair ~ really.

Ah yes ~ a feeling of righteousness surged through my veins as we sat down to our dinner of grilled tuna and sautéed brussel sprouts.

I think I deserve a brownie . . .

Sunday, June 19

Judith Chamberlain of Cobblestone Court

This 13 inch self-standing bear is made of stone colored mohair and coordinating tan cashmere paw pads on her feet. Her eyes are German glass and she has am embroidered mouth and a glass nose. I made Judith's ooak outfit with an ultra-feminine embroidered lace blouse that has a filled sweetheart neckline trimmed in scalloped braid. The sleeves are puffed above the elbows and fitted to the wrist, with green piping between the two sections. A pencil skirt of green dupioni silk has an insert of peach printed cotton and a darling cream silk flower in the back. Her hat was entirely made by hand as well. Its base was fashioned out of cream coarse woven cotton. Beige organza was sewn around the brim. Green and ivory wired ribbons were used for figure eight rosettes and further trimmed with purchased beaded rosebuds. The hat is permanently attached.

Other details to note:
* tiny peach shank buttons on her sleeves and blouse
* the regency tassels at the tips of hankie hemline
* beige dupioni silk lace-trimmed pantaloons
* beaded lace on the waistband and the hat

She is now available on my website.

Tuesday, June 14

Rolf Silke of Cobblestone Circle

Rolf is the bartender at The Burgundy Turtle Pub ~ a job he loves because guessing at and listening to people's stories is his favorite thing to do! 

Read Rolf's story on my website:
He is currently available on my website:
~ SOLD ~

Wednesday, June 1

What is it about scent that triggers such strong memories? 
I've got my windows open today and the breezes are filling
my home with the perfume of lilacs
and my mind with vivid childhood memories. 

Wishing all of you pleasant memories today!

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