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Sunday, March 17

The Easter Bunny

I'm proud to share my all time 
favorite Cobblestone Creation ~ my 2013 Easter bunny!

I developed a few new patterns during his construction and 
am so pleased with how he turned out.

He is now available on my website.

Tuesday, March 12

Another treasure found

As I've shared here before, I have found a quaint shop in town that is a cross between an antique store and a yard sale.  It is the place I found the car for my family of mice going on their picnic.  

I am having such fun poking around in that shop every few weeks to see what new finds are waiting for me and the mice and bears. 

Last week I stumbled upon this:

So, what do you think ~ a romantic date for two mice?  
Can't you just see him rowing away as 
she is perched on her seat holding a parasol? 
Oh yes, I think it will be quite 
divine ~ once I get rid of that red.  

I just realized I did not share any pics of the 
finished family in their car.
 I am pleased to say they have already found a new home.  

Monday, March 11

New Bear and Mice

I am happy to report that 7 little mice and bears found new homes this past weekend during the online show.  Thank-you to everyone who helped make that possible! 

I also wanted to let you know that I have updated the SHOP page of my website to include the few remaining unsold items ~ all of which can now be placed on hold/layaway. 

The Muffin Man Mouse 

 Petunia Plumtree with her dolly

a sweet potbelly mouse with her daffodil umbrella

Friday, March 8

BearHugs4U Online Show TODAY!

and will feature bears and friends for Spring! 
It starts at 10am eastern.

What a great way to get a taste of the upcoming season ~ viewing spectacular pieces from FIFTY well known artists from all over the globe right in the comfort of your home during this 
ONLINE show! 

A special thanks to Dolores J. Zmiejko Austin 
for organizing this event.

Here are a few sneak peeks at what I'll have in the show:

I hope you can join us and perhaps find a 
new furry friend or two for your collection!

Wednesday, March 6

Big City Shopping!

As I may have mentioned here before, although I just adore living in my new coastal town, one of the things I miss is ready access to fabric and craft stores.  

I am quite comfortable (too comfortable?) ordering my supplies online, but nothing takes the place of physically being in the store, right?  The closest 'big city' to us is Augusta, 40 miles away.   And yesterday, we went shopping.

Look at all I brought home with me from the craft stores!

And from a visit to the fabric store, along with a large bag of polyfil, yards of interfacing and muslin, I also found many new small scale prints to add to my collection.

Cannot wait to start on new bears, mice and bunnies.  :)

Oh ~ don't forget the BearHugs4U show starts this 
Friday, March 8th!

Sunday, March 3


I've got something different for you today ~ bunnies!  

These two new little darlings are now available on my website.  

The pink bunny has been sold.


A quick reminder that this coming
 Friday, March 8th 
is the start of the
Among the new items I will have in this show are a family of mice going on a picnic in their car, a leprechaun bear and mouse, and even the next character from nursery rhymes in the Cobblestone Tails series ~  and one of my larger bears!  

Visit the site now to view the preview bears from all the 50 participating artists.  
There are some really cute things to see.

Friday, March 1

Like a fluffy white lamb

March has come ~ and come in like a fluffy 
white lamb ~ a fluffy white snowy lamb!

Yes, it is still Winter, and you know I'm loving that.  We had a gorgeous snowfall the other night, but as neither Mr. Cobblestone or I have the skills (or equipment?) necessary to capture such nighttime beauty on camera, you'll just have to take my word for it. It was one of those snows that coated each and every branch is a thick layer of pure white deliciousness.  Unfortunately, it had warmed during the night and all that beauty was lost by morning.

But we did have a fun night of it.  Many (middle-aged) kids were outside playing and we found a snowman in our front yard, courtesy of our neighbors.  By morning, the poor dear had fallen over, yet was still smiling.  Just goes to show, you can enjoy Winter, every single bit of Winter, even the tail end.

Here's how he started out:

We did try to get some photos that night.


While I was taking pics of the snowman that morning, I also caught our turkey flock parading down the street.  It always amuses me how they follow each other single file down the road.

I also caught this Tom displaying himself.

And earlier this morning, these 
lacy tracks they left on our driveway.


I will have a new bunny (or maybe two)
available this coming 
Sunday evening, March 3rd.  
Here's a little tease for you!
And don't forget ~ the online show starts a week from today!
March 8-10
I'll have little bears and mice and even a nice big 12" girlie bear.

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