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so I know you've been by for a visit.

Friday, February 15

Another tick on my serenity meter

I actually was ready to post these pics 
yesterday, but it being Valentine's Day, 
it just seemed wrong to post something anti-red.  
Know what I mean?

But I am feeling so much better about our 
family room now.  Perhaps I am a bit more sensitive 
to color than most, and I'll admit that 
red has got to be my least favorite 
color of all, but come on, 
tell me this isn't a huge improvement!

~ After ~
(Yes, I still have my Father Winter and snowflakes up!)

~ Before ~

Can't wait to see it decked out in daffodils!

I also spent some time this week 
redoing the draperies for this room.  
 Now they look like something that belongs in my house!
(No, you most certainly do NOT get to see a before photo of these!)

Next week ~ back to mice and bears.
The BearHugs4U show is only 3 weeks away!   

Tuesday, February 12

Maybe next year . . .

Although we'd been looking forward to attending the 
US National Toboggan Championships 
held here in Camden, we were a bit too busy digging 
out from Nemo to venture the mile or two 
down the road to see them this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with this event, 
you can read all about it on their website.

It's quite the production, with many teams
 (with names that will have you in stitches) 
in costumes
 (again, many giggles)
 taking their turns riding down the icy chute.  
More photos from the local paper can be seen here.

Monday, February 11


Funny thing, blizzards.  
As in real estate, it's location, location, location.  

While we on the midcoast of Maine all experienced the 
howling winds and horizontal snowfall, depending on where 
you were, you got either dumped on or blown clean.  

Mr. Cobblestone and I had about 2 ft of snow 
blocking our doorways, but for the most part did not 
have a lot of clean up to do, thanks to our neighbor 
who was kind enough to come over with his plow 
and clean out out driveway.  Thanks, Joe!!

Here was the scene in downtown Camden, 
just 2 miles from our home:

I think it all has to do with how protected you are 
(ie: our forest) and the direction of the winds. 

 It's hard to capture depth in a photo, but believe me, 
the forest is absolutely lovely, and so 
deeply covered that I will not be 
venturing out there today.

Here's one of the snow piles generated by the plowing 
of our driveway ~ nearly a story deep!  

 Can you spy Mr. Cobblestone's car?  
Yep, it took us a while to dig that out.

Other neighbors just down the street were busy 
pulling about 3 feet of snow off their roofs, 
while  our roof was blown almost clear.  
Here is  the deepest spot we had.

The wind created some interesting art for us. 

Sunday was a bright sunny day for shoveling,

and we are now cleared and 
ready for the next snowfall. 

Friday, February 8

That was quick!

Before I could even get this blog post together, 
this wee Irish Lass had been sold.  
But I thought you'd enjoy seeing her anyway.

Here are some photos of my 
preview bear for the upcoming online show at 
on March 8-10.

Monday, February 4

Where are they now?

I have a few more pics from a collector to share with you today.  

I just love seeing where my little friends wind up living 
and I'm sure you will agree these are just darling settings.

You may recall the Faye ad Arthur Iversham had spent 
the holiday season in a beautiful wreath, 
but now they have their very own shadow box 
in which to carol their hearts away.  

I love this so much and it really fits in well with how 
I see the village of of Cobblestone Circle. 
The black rod iron fence is a perfect touch!

This collector has also created a charming front porch 
for some of the trick-or-treating mice.

Now of course I'm dreaming of having similar 
settings for some of the mice that are with me.  
Yes, there are one or two I could not 
bring myself to part with.  
I shall have to speak with 
Mr. Cobblestone about more 
construction projects for his list.


It seems I have more mice and bears than 
I intended for the upcoming online show at 
BearHugs4u on March 8-10 so there may be 
someone new available on my website later this week.
Leprechauns have overrun my work table!

By  the way ~ the preview pics from many of the 
artists participating in the show are starting to 
pop up on the site so when you have a
moment, please go over there and take a peek.  
There are some really cute items.
I'll be taking photos today ~ stay tuned!
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