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Thursday, April 29

Fancy a peek?

My current work-in-progress:

Well ~ I know it's only a view form the back ~ I said a peek!  ;)
She will be listed on eBay Sunday evening  - May 2nd.

Views from my windows . . .

Don't ya just love Spring flowers?  They pop up as if by magic with their beautifully colored, smiling faces.  (You don't see faces???  I can see faces.)   And they do so without any effort on my part ~ well, ok I did put in some effort in the Fall but that was so long ago I've forgotten it.   

Here are a few of my favorite scenes in my yard this week:

There is actually one tulip that I inherited with the house some 20 years ago.  It has been blooming reliably and always brings to mind the sweet lady who lived here before us.  Thank-you Frieda!!!

Now off to browse the bulb catalogs that came in the mail yesterday ~ gotta start planning for next year!  :)   

Friday, April 23

Giveaways from TWO of my favorite artists!!!!

You won't want to miss out on these two giveaways!

The first is from Joanne of Desert Mountain Bears ~ a simply adorable bear named Ruth.

The other is running on the Halloween Queen's Castle Bootique ~ an enchanting Jack-O-Lantern made by the incredibly talented Lisa of Pearl Avenue Studios.   

Thursday, April 22

If only I had my camera, then you would believe too . . . .

I was driving home from an appointment in town yesterday afternoon ~ meandering along Lake Shore Drive.  It was the perfect Spring day ~ breezy with bright sunshine and temps hovering in the low 50's ~ the kind of day that turns Lake Michigan into a piece of art.   

The colors near the shore started as that delicate pale green you often find in seaglass, then turned into a brilliant aqua-marine, deepening to luscious teal and finally ending in azure stretching to the horizon.  The entire surface was dotted with tiny whitecaps from the breeze.  Simply breathtaking! 

And if you had been there you too would know that mermaids do exist . . .

Sunday, April 18

A precious little girl mousie ~ and more for Riley & friends

A pure white mouse in a pink rose blossom votive.  
And she has a special gift for Mom as well ~ a delicate long stemmed pink rose.

~ sold ~

Blue/Yellow Floral Jean Set
for Riley and friends
 ~ sold ~

Giraffe Jeans Set
for Riley and friends
~ sold ~

Lilac Cashmere Dragonfly Slippers
for Riley and friends
~ sold ~

Friday, April 16

A quick peek ~ someone sweet for Mother's Day

Just a quick peek at the next mousie coming to eBay
the evening of  Sunday April 18th.
More details to follow . . .

Sunday, April 11

More Jeans for Riley

Pink Daffodil

Cute Daffodil  Crop Top
Blue Jeans
for Riley and friends

~ sold ~

Fresh as a Daisy

Navy Gingham  Crop Top
Blue Jeans

for Riley and  friends

~ sold ~

A new mousie coming next week!

Thursday, April 8

Springtime in Wisconsin!

The views from my windows this morning ~ April 8th.

Yep ~ it's SNOWING!!!!
Fortunately ~ this is perfect for me.  :)

Monday, April 5

Easter Memories

Jodi Creager has brought back some very fond memories when she asked us to remember our last Easter basket.

Thought it might be fun to start with my first.  My siblings and I would wake to find our first picture clue beside our beds, which would lead to some household item where the next picture was found, etc, etc, until we at last found the baskets.  Here's me in my jammies digging in for breakfast!

And the annual photo dressed for church, both inside

and outside.  That tall skinny girl next to me is my older sister ~ who is still taller and skinnier ~ and older.  I do have to add that this was probably the last year for quite some time that we wore Easter outfits that didn't match *cringe* but we'll save those pics for future posts.

My last basket was around my senior year in high school.  No, that's not it on the shelf.  By that time Mother had long since established a family Easter basket that we all shared.

But back in those days we would visit with my Mother's family about once a week and during one of those visits shortly before Easter, I must have mentioned half jokingly that I was not getting a basket that year.  Enter Aunt Gertrude (really) to save the day!  At the Easter family gathering she gave me a little ceramic basket she had made filled with candy, and plastic grass of course.  I still have the basket ~ it fits perfectly into the drawer of my sewing cabinet and is where I keep my stash of sewing machine needles.

But ~ that was not my last basket!  As a parent I continued the picture clue thing for our kids ~ and a few years ago I awoke to find a clue next to my bed ~ my children had hidden a basket for me!  But these clues were not picture clues.  Oh no ~ they were science and math puzzle clues!  (Yes, we are indeed a science/math kinda family ~ and as far as education is concerned the apples didn't fall too far from either tree ~ heck, you might say they landed dead center on the target.)
Needless to say it was the best Easter basket I ever got ~ though I think it may have been payback for when I left my daughter's clues in French the year before . . . .

Sunday, April 4

More Jeans and Slippers for Riley and friends

Floral Swirl!

Cute Floral Crop Top
Blue Jeans
for Riley and friends

~ sold ~

Rainbow Wave!

Striped  Crop Top
Blue Jeans

for Riley and  friends

~ sold ~

And lots of fluffy slippers too!

edit: Sorry ~ the slippers sold out within minutes ~ making more!

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