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Monday, March 26

WHAT is going on? Where are the new mice and bears?

After receiving a few very touching emails asking about my silence and lack of new items, I thought perhaps a blog post was in order.   
Thank-you for being so concerned, dear friends.

The last I wrote, I was teasing you about the next bear I had planned ~ one to coincide with a 100 year anniversary coming soon.  My plan had been to create a bear to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.  I will be making a Rose bear dressed in that smart boarding suit from the 1997 movie.  

And I have made some progress.  I was able to find a beautiful pinstripe fabric in the correct scale for my 12-14 inch bears ~ no small feat, let me tell you!  I was about ready to create the  fabric myself.  And I even made some very cute bears.  But since the discovery of my mohair allergy, it is taking me a while to get the correct scale of my patterns due to the heavier density of the faux fur (Tissavel from France) that I am using now.  It is gorgeous fur ~ but I want to get it just right, so it may take me a while longer to create one slim enough to assume the role of Rose.  Please bear with me.

Some changes in my life are coming soon which I cannot talk about just yet ~ perhaps next week.  These changes have brought with them much to do and so I have been otherwise occupied and have not had all that much time for sewing.  What little time I have had for sewing has been used for commissions.  (Thank-you Sue and Brooke!)

I do have two bears that are almost completely dressed (soooo close!) and a little mouse who will probably make his debut later this week.  He has got a terrible hankerin' for something sweet and I think you will all enjoy seeing him.

So fingers crossed ~ and send all those good thoughts and wishes in my direction.

Wednesday, March 7

I love my work!

 . . . because sometimes I get to hear just how happy my little friends make people.

Ah yes, it is a good day.

Thursday, March 1

The Hill Family Commission

It is indeed a rare occurrence for me to have an entire family of mice on my work table at one time.  But this week I completed a commission for five tiny Dollhouse Dainties, and I am so pleased with how they turned out that I must share them with you. They range in size from 1 ½ to just under 2 ¾ inches tall.

They are the Hill family, now on their way to live in a half scale dollhouse that is being made for them in Colorado.

These are the parents, Leif and Rose.
They have two little girls, Violet
and Baby Holly.
 Grandma Iris resides with them as well.
There may be plans for a son to join the group ~ I'll keep you posted.

I encountered many challenges bringing this group to life.  So many things that work on a 3 inch mouse are just not the same when they shrink down to this size.  I learned quite a bit and am looking forward to the next teeny tiny ones. 
But for now, I think it's time to tackle something bigger.  I'm currently working with some gorgeous white Tissavel fur for my next fashion bear, who will be in memory of an historic event that took place 100 years ago.  Any guesses?
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