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Thursday, December 19

I love snow!

Thanks to Winter storm, Falco, we received 
over 20 inches of snow this week 
so I just had to share some 
the beauty with you. 

Love the Seussical hats on the lampposts
We love our forest!!!!

The deck is full of snow!

No grilling tonight.

Yes, that's my mailbox ~ no stick on numbers for me.  lol

Monday, December 16

Published again!

Snuggled in with my morning coffee reading the latest edition of
 Teddy Bear and Friends and who do I see? 
Miss Eugenia smiling back at me. 

Thank-you Teddy Bear and Friends!

Sunday, December 15

Ready for a Blitz?

An online Holiday Bear Show Blitz 
is now underway at 

Stop on by during this
 2 day event 
for some last minutes gifts.  

The show runs now through 
Monday, Dec 16th at 8pm eastern.

Two of my new items are a 
Naughty and Nice 
pair of pebble sized bears.


Monday, December 2

Holiday Parade on the Midcoast

This weekend, Mr. Cobblestone and I 
attended the Holiday Parade 
in a neighboring community.  

Lobster Trap Tree
It was pretty much what we expected, and 
although it was advertised as running from 6-8pm, 
the actual parade lasted only 20 minutes.  

There were a number of floats and 
er, um, holiday vehicles?

Now ~ are those candy canes or fish hooks?

And of course, this being the  midcoast of Maine 
it featured not only the reigning Sea Goddess, 
but also the Blueberry Queen as well.

Of course Santa was there too!

All in all it was a rather fun evening, 
but as someone who attended the 
Macy's parade in NYC, 
I gotta tell you, things are a bit different here.  
Would you ever see a car parked along
 the parade route in New York?

Wednesday, November 13

Holiday Giveaway

'Tis the Season for Giving, so I am having a giveaway!

On Saturday Dec 14, 2013 at 12:00pm (noon) a winner will be chosen by random number generator.  The winner will receive this darling pink potbelly angel mouse and her golden harp.

The rules are very simple ~ to participate 
you may do so through facebook or 
simply email your entry to me.

Your entry must contain a suggestion for the 
next citizen of Cobblestone Circle.
Be sure to visit the Citizens' gallery on my 
website if you are not familiar with them. 

When this giveaway concludes, you will be able to 
vote on the suggestions during the month of 
January, 2014 and the top vote getter will be created.

If you recommend this contest to your friends, you 
will be given an additional entry in the contest, so be 
sure to Spread the Word and 
let me know if you've done this.

Good luck everyone!

Friday, November 8

Online Show open NOW

The Bright Stars Holiday Show is now open.

My new items include:
  •     Two darling sister bears sized for 1:12 dollhouses ~ yes, I finally got the proportions just right!
  •     A potbelly angel mouse with feathery wings
  •     Two new Pebble sized bears, Santa and Snowflake
  •     Eugenia and her sewing machine
  •     and Two new Citizens of Cobblestone Circle

You will find the link to my page 

on the right hand side of the 
top row of the show page.

I also want to remind you of two photo competitions that are now running.  I know it takes time to go through all the pics, and the voting process can be cumbersome, but please keep in mind that most of the entries in these contests are also available for sale, so really, they are like online shows.  And all of the artists truly appreciate your support.

If you need some assistance, please do not hesitate to email me.

The first is the British NTBAA Photo Contest 
in which my Eugenia Bobbington 
is entered in the Dressed Bear category.

The second is the French Teddy Bear contest.
Instructions can be found here.
I have four items entered in this contest.
Beside each of the entries you will see a 
little house icon 
that is a link to the artist's website.

Enjoy looking at all the entries!

Wednesday, October 30

Photo Competition ~ Please vote!

Have you voted in the British NTBAA Photo Contest yet?
National Teddy Bear Artists' Awards 

My Eugenia Bobbington is entered in the Dressed Bear category.

I hope you have a moment to pop in to see her 

before Dec 1st when the voting will be closed.


You have to register before you can vote ~ a simple

username/password/email deal.

Once you have registered, you need to log in (under 

Identification near the bottom of the red sidebar) and 
then click on a photo to vote (star rating) 
or leave a comment.

Enjoy looking at all the entries!

Friday, October 18

OctoBEARfest Online Show Now Open!

I kindly invite you to join us at the
It is open now and will run through 
Sunday night, Oct 20th @ 8pm eastern.

I have some darling new items available including 2 bear brothers dressed in traditional Oktoberfest attire (one with a mug of beer and the other playing his accordion),  a tiny mouse couple also celebrating Oktoberfest, a little potbelly mouse cheering on his favorite team and the newest citizen of Cobblestone Circle, Mrs. Virginia Twiggleby.

As you visit the show, you will notice that most artists prefer Paypal.  PayPal is safe and easy for everyone.   
And remember ~ you can pay with a credit card through PayPal 
 even if you do not have a PayPal account. 

I can hear the Ooompah Band already. 

Enjoy the show!

Thursday, October 17


A few weeks ago, Mr. Cobblestone and I took a break from all the redecorating going on at our house to spend a few hours padding the canoe on nearby lakes.  It was a lovely bright, clear day and although the Autumn colors had just started to appear here in Maine, we were treated to some gorgeous views.

This is the tiny bridge that spanned 
the area where the two lakes joined.

 Tiny peeks of color stood out against the mostly still green trees.

There was a small park with this darling bandstand where we put in that day.  While there, we met some tourists who were visiting the area from England.  They were delightful ~ letting us know that a person can indeed survive at least two weeks on nothing but lobster and chowder.  I'm sending a big thank-you to that gentleman who was kind enough to push our canoe into the water so I didn't have to get my feet wet!

Hey ~ no one ever accused me of being an outdoorsy kind of gal. 

Wednesday, October 16

Published again!

I am so happy to share with you that 
more of my little creations have made it into a publication.  
The editors at Teddy Bear and Friends 
have included some of my work in their 
Holiday Roundup!
 (Dec 2013 issue, page 23)

Both the Thanksgiving Bears and the 
Potbelly Santa Mouse are available
on my website.

Tuesday, October 1

Trick-or-Treating Bears

Are you ready for some Halloween?  
Again this year, I am participating in the
with a portion of my proceeds going to support 
Therapy Dogs International.  

There is quite a variety of Halloween/Fall items 
available from many artists, 
supporting many different charities.

There are a few ways to enter the site.

    You can see a list of the participating artists 
You can also choose to have the fun of trick-or-treating 
along the adorable village map

    Or you can access my page in the show directly.

I have five new little pebble sized bears, all dressed in their costumes, ready to come trick-or-treating at your house.

Sunday, September 22

Museum Bound!

It is a phrase commonly heard in the world of 
artist bears ~ "Don't worry that he hasn't sold, 
the right buyer just hasn't come along yet."  
Yeah, people in the artist bear community are nice like that.
Recently those kind words hit home for me.

Perhaps you will remember my 1960's hippie bear, 
Norman Meadowlark, who traveled to England 
for the NTBAA Awards, won 3rd place in his category,
 and was subsequently purchased by the award organizers 
for their shop, Brewins' Bruins in Swanage.  
Well, after being in that shop during their Summer season, 
he remained unsold, so the shop owners took him with them 
to Hugglets.  Yes, you read that right ~ 
one of my bears was at Hugglets!  

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, 
Hugglets is one of the premier bear fairs in the 
wonderfully bear-loving United Kingdom.  
I was thrilled ~ a bit miffed that he got to go 
without me ~ but all the same simply thrilled 
to have one of my pieces there.

Here he is ~ front and center on the display table, 
along with a duplicate of his trophy 
and a copy of the issue of Teddy Bear Times  
in which he is pictured.

If that wasn't exciting enough, Norman found a 
home that day!  And not just any ol' home ~ nosiree ~ 
Norman is to be part of a new
Teddy Bear Museum in  Edinburgh, Scotland! 

I could not be more proud!
Thank-you, Deirdre!!!!
Deirdre Howie, the museum owner, holding Norman    

If you are interested in viewing the NTBAA Awards, 
it is available  here.
Norman shows up around the 6 minute mark.

Monday, August 26


A few weeks back, Mr. Cobblestone and I took 
our bikes on the ferry to Islesboro for the day.  
It is an idyllic island with about 
600 residents just 3 miles off the coast.
Although we did not spot any of the celebrities who 
have homes on the island, we did see many of the 
gorgeous mansions and enchanting cottages.  
There were breathtaking views and blooms everywhere.  

Here is Grindle Lighthouse that you see at the ferry dock.

As we rode down to the southernmost tip of the 
island on Pendleton Point Road, 
we passed this church, which I found stunning.

I believe this place used to be a B&B.  
Too bad it is now closed.

We had our picnic spot all to ourselves

 ~ a rocky beach with a 
view of neighboring Job Island.  

A fisherman on a lobster boat passed through 
Bracketts Channel
and waved as we had lunch.

We stopped at the little shop in Dark Harbor 
on our way back for an ice cream.

This sign at the ferry dock had us wondering about the obviously large amount of circumstances that prompted the last rule. 

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