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Wednesday, February 22

How sweet is this!

I've been meaning to share this with you for some time now. 

I received this lovely card in the mail from a customer thanking me for agreeing to create a dollhouse family of mice for her.  This is before we even started working out the details for her little mice! 

What a pleasure it is to work with such a thougthful person. 
Makes it all so much more fun.

Sunday, February 19

~ Lottie Reynolds ~

Did someone call for tea? 
Lottie is my first faux fur bear (sooooo luxurious!) and she's dressed as an old fashioned British Chamber Maid. 

A silver tray and teaset are also included.

Tuesday, February 14

~ Joshua, Julia and Little Janey ~

I'm so pleased to be offering you my first
one of a kind collection of Dollhouse Dainties. 

These teeny tiny mice are the perfect size for
1:24 scale dollhouses in that
they stand just about 2.5 inches tall. 

They are available as a set or individually.

I hope you enjoy taking a peek at them on my

Sunday, February 12

Dollhouse Dainties Coming Soon!

Had hoped to show you these new Dollhouse Dainties
(for 1:24 scale dollhouses)
all dressed and ready to go. 
But having a bit of trouble with someone's sleeves.  :(  
So here they are 'in the fur.'

Yep, that little one is just about 2 inches tall.
Hopefully dressed pics tomorrow!

Friday, February 10

~ Mortimer Smordebie of Cobblestone Circle ~

Mortimer peddles his wares in Cobblestone Circle often,

but what does he really think about this town?

You can read Mortimer's story here.

He is available for sale on my website:

Mortimer has been sold.

Monday, February 6

No pet goats for me

I had a suspicion confirmed this week.  Yes, I am indeed, without a doubt, allergic to mohair.

Those of you who are bear artists know exactly how momentous that discovery was.  You see, the standard material used in the artist bear world is mohair.

Although I first suspected this months ago when I started making my bears for the Cobblestone Court line, I wasn't entirely sure that the condition of my hands was due to the mohair or something else.   The scientist in me (yes, it is still in there) couldn't rule out if it were perhaps due to dry weather or something I'd touched in the garden, or a new cleaning solutions, etc, etc.  But after having not sewn with mohair for a month or so until this past week, I am sure.

Sigh . . . now what do I use?  Luckily there is a plethora of faux furs available now.  I spent a good portion of this weekend browsing the internet in search of "the good stuff."   And I'm happy to say the UPS man will be busy making deliveries to my house very soon!

In the meantime, I found a few faux pieces in my stash that I had forgotten about.   One is the fur I used on the dormouse I shared here.   It is much more dense than the mohair I've been using and while I just adore the way it feels and behaves, it may take me a while to adjust the patterns for the next Gentry.   I am confident these new bears will be just what I envision as this type of material really does appeal more to my own aesthetics.

I also came across a piece of upholstery velvet that has now been sewn into a new mouse ~ a traveling salesman is coming to Cobblestone Circle!  Stay tuned. 
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