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Friday, September 21

The Arch

Yesterday afternoon I packed a picnic dinner and took a walk down to the shore to meet Mr. Cobblestone at a darling little park we had found recently.  The route I chose for my walk took me past one of the 'tourist meccas' for the area ~ The Arch.

It says Camden on one side, and Rockport on the other.

But you may remember seeing this same arch in another place ~ specifically Peyton Place!

Yep, the movie was filmed here in 1957.  That was before I was born, but who hasn't heard of Peyton Place!   The local library provides information about the filming here.

We have recently watched the movie again and are pleased to say that  much of what you see in it is still here.  It is every bit as charming and beautiful. 

Here are some photos I took at our picnic spot last night:

Monday, September 17

Bears and Mice? Mice and Bears?

For those of you who have been following along, you know that I have intermittently created bears that I had hoped would fit into the village of Cobblestone Circle.  Well, I think I've succeeded this time.

After many, many little heads that ended up in the trash bin (sorry little fellas!) I arrived at a design for a 4-piece head that I finally like.  
Here is the first three inch tall bear that is the perfect size to go long with all the Cobblestone Circle citizens:

I am still waffling as to whether these bears and mice can live peacefully together.  I'm leaning toward Yes.  I mean once you put clothes on mice and give them a town and stories about their families, what's throwing a different animal in the mix?

A second bear has been made that is so obviously this little lady's son, I may need to go ahead and create her whole family.  Stay tuned . . . .

Remember this little cutie?

She is now on eBay 
Her Buy-It-Now price is the same as the Shop page of my website, but the starting bid is much lower ~ and there's no reserve!

Saturday, September 8

Clara Kittiebittle of Cobblestone Circle

Miss Kittiebittle is spending Saturday
 morning visiting the Farmers' Market.  

See how this will shape her day here.

She is now available for purchase on my website.

Friday, September 7

How much wood . . .

No, no, no, I'm not going to talk about woodchucks.  

But I am going to finally show you the 
wooded lot Mr. Cobblestone and I now call home.  

The following photos are all taken from 
various windows of our new home.

How sharp is your eye?  
Can you spot any signs of civilization 
like a road, or the neighbors' houses?  

How about Fairies?

I am so looking forward to the 
changing of the leaves ~ 
and of course the SNOW!!!
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