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Sunday, July 25

~ Frostie ~ She can predict how many weeks of Summer are left!

As promised back on Groundhog Day, here is my little mousie ready to predict how many weeks of Summer are left to endure. 
~ sold ~

Wondering about the Ice Cream Sandwich?  Visit my Feb 2nd blog entry to learn about my inspiration for her.

Stay cool folks ~ this heat can't last forever.  :)

Starting tonight ~ two new offerings for Riley

Since these have been selling so quickly, thought I'd give everyone a bit of advance notice about the jeans sets starting tonight for Riley. 
Both sets include Crop Tops, Jeans and Sandals. 

Please note that the links to the auctions will not work until the auctions begin this evening ~ Sunday July 25th at 9:35-9;40pm eastern.

Happy Lion

Yellow Daisies

Wednesday, July 21

More good summer stuff

Lately I've been biking to our weekly local Farmers' Market and found so many goodies there today!

The patty pan squash is a new veggie for me so I'll need to research a bit on cooking methods ~ but they were so cute I just had to have some. 

I was also fortunate that I had my camera in hand as I noticed the golden finches on our garage wall ~ been trying for a pic for some time now and finally got one!!  I've never seen birds just hanging out on a wall before. 

Whew those are some strong toes.  :)

Sunday, July 18

A sweet mousie named Blackberry Jam

I'm trying my best lately, despite the heat and humidity,  to be aware of the good things about summer ~ and picking blackberries at my grandmother's as a child is a sweet summer memory indeed.

This little darling will be on eBay through Sunday July 25th.

~ sold ~
Currently living in Australia!

Blue Stars and Swirls for Riley ~ with Sandals too!

This set includes the jeans, crop top and matching flip-flop sandals.

~ sold ~

Wednesday, July 14

Celebrate Jeans for Riley

There are so many reasons to celebrate this week at Cobblestone Creations ~ so it seemed a good time to list this darling set for Riley on eBay.

Thursday, July 8

I am the Featured Artist on Small Town Living ~ and there's a Giveaway too!

I am quite pleased to let you know that I am the
Featured Artist of
Small Town Living Magazine

I'd like to thank Tina Wilson for contacting me with this opportunity to let their readers become acquainted with my work.

In conjunction with the article about Cobblestone Creations I am offering a giveaway to one lucky reader ~ a tiny little mouse in pink gingham, with her trowel and CC flowerpot.

Please visit my Artist Profile and the Giveaway page for your chance to win your very own Cobblestone Creation.

Monday, July 5

YOU can vote in the TBAAF Awards!

Teddy Bear Artists And Friends (TBAAF) are holding their Summer 2010 Awards now through Friday July 16th and YOU can vote!

TBAAF provides Teddy Bear and Doll collectors with detailed
profiles to some of the finest Artists worldwide
Teddy Bear Artist and Friends provides every avid artist Teddy Bear and artist Doll collector and enthusiast, with informative interesting profiled web pages, to some of the finest Teddy Bear artists and Doll artists and their websites or blogs worldwide.
Each of the artists listed on this site are masters of their own craft.
They personally design and handcraft from there very own original designs.
Our mission is to build a fully comprehensive information site for all Teddy bear and Doll collectors.
We have chosen to make it available at no cost, to encourage everyone to
take part in creating this friendly non elitist group.

This site allows you to interact with some amazing artists ~ and it is FREE to join!  Once you become a member you will be able to vote in the awards.  I have three of my little furry friends entered.  I'm sure you'll be able to spot them. ;)

And ~ there is more exciting news brewing at Cobblestone Creations!  Watch for another post in a few days explaining how you can enter to win my next Mouse Giveaway!!!

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