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Friday, June 8

The Bean House

Perhaps I mentioned here earlier that one of the challenges during  our move to Maine has been in securing temporary housing while we are both selling our home in WI and purchasing our new home here in Maine.  For the month of June, we have been quite fortunate to have an apartment at The Bean House in downtown Camden.

Aside from it being an extraordinary lovely old Victorian house, it has a special place in our hearts because it is so very close to the place where we first fell in love with this region.

Back on that cold blustery October day when Mr. Cobblestone and I were strolling the main street in Camden, I experienced that maybe-I-shouldn't-have-had last-cup-of-coffee-this-morning feeling.  Yep ~ I had to pee.   

Remembering a conversation I had with a volunteer at an information center the day before about how when she and her husband were sailing the coast, she found libraries to be very nice "ports in a storm" during rainy days. 

I spied the Camden Library at the top of the little hill at the end of the street of shops and headed that way to check out the restrooms.   They were of course as far away from the front door  where we entered ~ down the stairs and tucked into a corner.  But they were there!

The library itself was darling and a lot larger than it appeared from the top street.  Its bulletin boards were filled with community activities and events.  Camden appeared to be quite a vibrant little town.  But the kicker was the view when you exited ~ the view of the harbor and adjoining amphitheater! 


It was one of those times you felt as if you've stumbled onto 
a movie set!  Could such a place be real?!!!   
(Actually, Camden was the location of a famous movie from 
the 50's ~ but more on that in a later post.)

So what does this have to do with the Bean House?  Well, it's right across the street from the library!  Literally just steps away from those gorgeous views. 


I plan on walking over whenever I get the chance to park myself on one of the benches on the library lawn and gaze at this as often as I can.

Before we leave this apartment, I am determined to count just how many exit doors this house has!  ;)

Friday, June 1

Need a new car?

Another stop last weekend was at the  
Owl’s Head Transportation Museum 
which came highly recommended by the locals.   
We were not disappointed. 

This museum “exhibits and operates a large collection of pioneer-era aircraft, antique automobiles, engines, bicycles, carriages and motorcycles.”  

Currently they have a special exhibit of MGs  and BMWs
which may be of interest to certain 
members of the extended Cobblestone family.

Not only do almost of of the specimens still work, 
you can actually takes rides in them!  

 No pop-up nav system visible here.  ;)

And if you are so inclined, you may 
purchase select vehicles.

This photo they had above 
the bicycle exhibit has me stymied. 
How does that work!
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